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Terry Sacka, AAMS recently appeared on the Wealth Transfer Show 
to  discuss  when  the  third  and  final  warning  of  the  end  of  an  old 
economic cycle and beginning of a new cycle will occur and how hard 
assets such as gold and silver can protect assets and preserve wealth 
to hedge against a financial crisis. 

Terry Sacka, AAMS, of Cornerstone Asset Metals made a recent appearance on The 
Wealth Transfer Show for part four of a special Shemitah series to discuss how this 
biblical event, which comes around next in September 2015, will impact us 
Mr. Sacka explained the ongoing and upcoming of the Shemitah, the Jubilee, and 
the four blood moons, all coming due in synchronicity around this September 2015 
and how it ties with the ancient mysteries of Moses on Mt. Sinai. Dr. Charles Vance 
and Mr. Sacka also tied together these biblical prophecies with the greatest 
market crashes in U.S. history and explain how these events will impact your 
current state of economic affairs. 
Mr. Sacka opened by stating, "We're doing (The Shemitah Series) because it just so 
happens that the third and final warning Shemitah that we're getting in America; 
911, 2008 and the third one is September 2015 and just so happens to be falling 
on the 

Feast of Tabernacles

 and the fourth and final red blood moon of 


which is dramatic and we better be prepared..." 
The full video can be seen below. 






Terry Sacka has posted all eight videos of The Shemitah Series in 

The Wealth 

Transfer Archive

 on his website.



Terry  Sacka  has  posted  all  eight  videos  of  The  Shemitah  Series  in 

The  Wealth 

Transfer Archive

 on his website.


Terry Sacka, AAMS is a financial analyst and founder of Cornerstone Asset Metals 
in Jupiter, Florida. He assists and guides investors on how to use precious metals in 
the form of physical assets such as gold and silver to hedge against systematic and 
inflationary risk and preserve their hard-earned wealth.  


He is a regular speaker and guest on The Wealth Transfer show with host Charles 
Vance, and recently appeared on a special segment to cover the related topics of 
The ShemitahThe Four Blood Moons and The Jubilee





Mr. Sacka pointed out how gold and silver historically have been protection and 
hedges against systematic risk associated with geopolitical jitters, events and 
inflationary factors which all have historically lead to financial crashes. 
He emphasized this by stating, "I'm a strategist so I'm an analyst in natural 
resources. So my job mainly with Cornerstone is the role of natural resources, 
we're right from the earth, we deal with things right from the ground." 
He went on to say, "We're custom minters and refiners but we supply this 
beautiful God product to people...I understand the systems of the world and I 
understand the biblical principles that God taught us." 
He advises people on how to protect their assets and hard earned wealth with 
precious metals in times of financial hardship which the coming of the Shemitah is 
said to historically align itself with. Mr. Sacka's teachings coincide with Jonathan 
Cahn's "The Mystery of the Shemitah" as the author’s theory is that God has 
visited warnings and or judgment against the United States according to a seven-
year cycle going back many decade 
On one of his websites specifically aimed toward Christians, Mr. Sacka offers five 
reasons why 

Christians should invest in gold

 and why 

Christians should invest in 


 with detailed charts, figures and video content. 


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About Terry Sacka 
Terry Sacka is the Chief Strategist of Cornerstone Asset Metals. Mr Sacka deals in 




natural resources, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) as he refers 
to "God's Money" and "God's Products" and has been quoted several times by 
some of the most respected financial publications such as Investor's Business 
Daily, Institutional Investor and even on the Wikipedia page "Silver as an 
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