discover the power of hemp as a construction material


with AN additional bonus module: hemp in nutrition by daisy booth

For bookings, contact: heatherm@aura-soma-academy.net

One of the largest biodynamic farms in the UK, Shire Farm is delighted to co-host this 
residential course in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Steve Allin's world famous three day Hemp Building Courses have inspired many 
people to go on to establish the system in their regions.

This course includes theory and practice to give participants an opportunity to 
understand how the material works and the economics of the process of installation 

Students will have a chance to get hands-on experience with frame building, 
hempcrete installation, shuttering design and hemp plastering.

Popular with people from many strands of the construction industry, Steve’s courses 
have been attended by architects, builders, interior designers, students and many 
other people interested in finding solutions to energy and environmental problems 
using hemp.

The course takes place over 4 days, on Shire Farm itself, where we grow our own 
hemp under license, beginning with an afternoon on the benefits on Hemp in Nutrition.

21-24 AUGUST 2017


The course runs over 4 days and is inclusive of accommodation, and meals. 
You will be staying at the beautiful residential centre ‘Dev Aura’, which is 
expertly run by Shire Farm’s sister company, The Aura-Soma Academy.
Dev Aura is set among beautiful gardens and offers a delicious range of 

vegetarian dishes created each day from produce grown biodynamically in 
the garden and farm.

a practical introduction to hemp building with steve allin

For bookings, contact: heatherm@aura-soma-academy.net

Course Information:


Dev Aura is located in the village 
of Tetford, in the heart of the 
Lincolnshire Wolds.

Address details: 
Dev Aura, Little London, Tetford, 
Lincolnshire, LN9 6QL

Each morning transport will be provided to take you to the Demeter 
registered, biodynamic, Shire Farm, in nearby Hagworthingham, where the 
practical elements of the course will be held.


The course costs £540 inc. VAT and is inclusive of accommodation, 
meals and transport to and from Shire Farm. For all booking enquiries, 
please contact Heather - heatherm@aura-soma-academy.net

Lunch at Dev Aura

Dev Aura and gardens

The Heart Pond at Shire Farm


a practical introduction to hemp building with steve allin

Course Timetable:

Day 1:  

1400 - 1800


Nutrition talk with Daisy Booth, including details of the omega ratios,   



properties and benefits of hemp seeds and how to include hemp in a   




Practical hemp food making demonstration, including options such as:  



Hemp seed milk demo, Hemp seed burger, Hemp oil dressing.


Hemp protein smoothie taster and tea break.


Optional Yoga class (1 hour)


Supper is served, including some of the afternoon’s  delicious creations.

Day 2:  

0930 - 1630 


(Break at 1100 & Lunch at 1300) 


Background information on Hemp as a crop. Origins of the system    



Background to application around the world.

1 1 3 0    

Timber frame and Shuttering system. Details of how them materials    



work and how they are incorporated into a building. 


Preparation of Hempcrete. Mixing practice. Application of Lime mortar  



and first lift of Hempcrete.

Day 3:  

0930 - 1630 


(Break at 1100 & Lunch at 1300) 


Practical demonstration and Hands on experience of Timber frame and 


installation of Hempcrete in walls. 

For bookings, contact: heatherm@aura-soma-academy.net

Day 4:  

0930 - 1630 


(Break at 1100 & Lunch at 1300) 


Casting Light weight Hempcrete to top of roof. 



Hemp Plaster Mixing & Application



Lightweight Hempcrete infill in roof 



Hemp plaster mixing and application.



Conclusion & Testing