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For Immediate Release

New York, NY (March 21, 2017)--The New York Persian Parade
Foundation today announced plans for the 14th Annual Persian
Parade. The parade, which runs down famed Madison Avenue in
Manhattan, will start at 12:00PM on Sunday, April 30


2017 at 38


Street and end at 26


street, culminating in an afternoon street fair

next to Madison Square Park.

The parade will feature celebrations of culture from ancient Persia’s
large and richly diverse American diaspora. The parade is scheduled
to coincide with the time of renewal in the Persian calendar that is
the first day of Spring, to bring the community together during the
distinctly Persian celebration of Norooz. This holiday, which
translates to “New Day” and is the traditional New Year’s celebration
to millions of Persians across over a dozen nations worldwide, will be
the backdrop and theme of several of the parade displays.

The New York Persian Parade is a family-friendly event celebrating
the culture, traditions, and contributions Persians of all backgrounds
have made to the American community. It is dedicated to all Iranian-
Americans, the people of the city of New York, and peoples of
Persian descent around the world. In recent years, the New York
parade has become the largest local parade in the United States
honoring Persian culture.

A crowd of nearly two hundred thousand New Yorkers, Iranian-
Americans and visitors from around the world are expected to line





the sides of Madison Avenue in celebration.


The parade procession will feature a large number of Persian and
American musical groups, traditional dance ensembles, and both
ancient and modern cultural displays. It will contain a diverse lineup
of floats, performers, and dignitaries representing the broad
background and talents of Persians in the United States, in an
unparalleled display of Persian-American pride and creativity.

The festival next to Manhattan’s Madison Square Park will include
food vendors and music throughout the afternoon.

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