Cryptome's Secret Admin Works Undercover for CIA-FBI

Unseen hands monitor and manipulate the website and its visitors, hidden behind the lie that only John Young and Deborah Natsios run Cryptome or
have access to its accounts. Most of Cryptome's visitors have never heard of Robert Eringer. While his name is on a 


 Cryptome's posts, his

involvement in the website has never been disclosed. For the first time, proof is offered that Cryptome used as a CIA-FBI front to manipulate
journalists, activists and whistleblowers

At least Cryptome was honest when it said "

Cryptome is not trustworthy, and lies


In theory, Eringer is nothing more than a family friend. He was introduced to the Natsios' by CIA Director William Colby, who Eringer worked for as a
"literary" agent. Colby had worked for Nicholas Natsios, Deborah's father, in Vietnam when 

Nicholas Natsios was the CIA station chief

. As Colby's

agent, Eringer used his close ties to the CIA to get stories and 


, putting the Agency's spin on stories while infiltrating organizations and

publishers like Liberty Lobby, 

setting them up

 for libel lawsuits that went before the Supreme Court.

But Eringer was only getting warmed up. Soon, he was hired by CIA spy chief and Iran-Contra convict Clair George for "creative problem
" - which included spying on American journalists and 


 them. 1993 was a big year for Eringer. It was when Clair George sent him

to "creatively solve" the problem of a 

journalist's reporting

. It's also the same year that John Young and Deborah Natsios 


, married and 



It's also the year that Eringer officially began working undercover on a joint FBI-CIA operation targeting defectors, whistleblowers and journalists. Before
long, Eringer was made Cryptome's liaison. John Young and Deborah Natsios continued to pull the trigger and remained the public face of Cryptome,
but Robert Eringer was the one pulling the strings and reporting to the FBI and CIA. In 2002, he was rewarded was being stationed in beautiful Monaco,
where he was put in charge of building the country's first intelligence directorate while he remotely decided what did and didn't get published by
Cryptome. While in Monaco, he continued to be "


" by funds from the CIA while he 

set up meetings with the heads of America’s FBI and


 and reported on the local activities as well as what stories were brewing. He was 

personally praised by CIA Director

 Peter Goss for

bringing agencies from other European mini-states into a “micro Europe” intelligence union.

Back in the United States, Eringer began cashing in by writing books on his experiences while continuing to manipulate Cryptome from behind the
scenes. His involvement with Cryptome, and his direct access to their accounts, was 


 when he began sending tweets from the Cryptome twitter


The book is written by Robert Eringer, without any acknowledgment of Cryptome, and its yet more proof that Eringer continues to play a role in planning
undercover intelligence operations, especially ones that manipulate members of the media. With Eringer's access to Cryptome's email and social media
accounts and his role in deciding what gets published, it's clear that if Cryptome ever was legit, it's now been compromised.