Call for project submissions: 

Propose a photography-based project for an opportunity to receive a grant from PhotoWings. Flash 

Grants will be in two funding streams with more than one award in each category possible depending 

on the quality/quantity of submissions:  

Category 1:


Up to $1000 for an idea or curriculum that utilizes content from the PhotoWings website 

Category 2:


Up to $5000 to fund a photography project that is cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and/or 


Selected projects will be showcased on the PhotoWings website 

and used in our educational Outreach Program.

S U B M I S S I O N S   D E A D L I N E

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PhotoWings’ mission is to highlight and help facilitate the power of photography to influence the world. 

We help photography to be better understood, created, utilized, seen, and saved.



Our photographic world is so dynamic and is changing almost by the minute.  In a world where everyone’s a photographer and 
photography is so ubiquitous, the potential for utilizing photography in innovative ways is daunting, exciting and unlimited.

At PhotoWings, we work hard to explore creative and thoughtful ways to utilize photography across disciplines, cultures and 
generations to further deep thinking and communication.  Photographs can help build 21st century skills and encourage social 
emotional learning (SEL).

We’ve had extraordinary success finding like-minded partners to help further our mission and would now like to engage the 
Society of Photographic Educators for your ideas.  We are purposely making our Flash Grants “up to” $1000 and “up to” $5000 
each based on the (depth-reach-complexity-budget) of the applications we receive.  We’d like to receive your input on any 
scale—from a one-off idea to a full-blown project.  PhotoWings has supported the creation of toolkits or curricula related to 
important photography projects that have demonstrated the potential to impact many people and create ripples. The idea is to 
not only make an impact, but to create something that can be replicated, adapted or serve as inspiration for a new project.

Our first set of Flash Grants will be given to projects that creatively utilize the content on our website.  The submission can be as 
small as a single idea about how to use a portion of one of our interviews for a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural or intergenera-
tional assignment or it could be a bigger project idea you plan to implement.  There may be multiple levels of winners, depend-
ing on what we receive.  We would love to amass a wide array of ideas that we can feature on our website so others may 
benefit.  Winners will receive funding on a sliding scale depending on whether it’s a simple idea or a larger project idea for in or 
outside of the classroom and whether the applicant will implement and document the project. Grant funding is designed to 
support the creation of toolkits and/or curriculum so that these ideas can be shared for educational purposes.

The second set of Flash Grants will be given for projects that replicate, adapt or draw inspiration from our current PhotoWings 
Outreach projects, with extra attention being given to new project concepts and projects addressing visual literacy.  Applica-
tions for these grants will require a detailed description and budget.  Grants will be awarded on a sliding scale appropriate to 
the project. Please refer to our AshokaU InSights grant winners on our website for guidance.

Project Proposal Criteria

Diverse Engagement: 

Plan to engage stakeholders from a broad range of disciplines (e.g. photography, psychology, sociology, art, design, English, 

theater, music, communication, journalism, as engineering, international relations or community engagement). We value 

out-of-the-box thinking.

Photography-based Media including Still Photographs:

Use photography-based media that incorporates still photographs (existing photographs or ones to be made) in 

the project or event to communicate an important message, story, or idea (not just fine art). This includes, but is 

not limited to, a photography display, a website, an exhibit, multi-media, videos, performance (musical or dance), 

projections, print displays, and/or a photo collage presentation. 

Incorporates Photographic Thinking Values: 

Going beyond the use of photography as fine art, the project should embody and explore some of the aptitudes 

utilized by photographers to tell powerful stories and share big ideas: visual literacy, empathy, communication, 

earning trust, ethics, resilience, critical thinking, perspective, context, photographic preservation and legacy. 


You give PhotoWings permission to use your project and materials for educational purposes, including sharing 

projects through social media. To do so you must own your project photos or obtain the written permission of 

the owner to use photographs that do not belong to you. We encourage you to be original in creating your