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Weekly Summary 


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Weekly Results



Community Update



$5000 Cup Overview



PAX Aus ESL Grand 
Final Overview



CPC Cup Qualifier



Power Rankings



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The PAX Australia ESL $5000 Finals Bracket 

PAX ESL $5000 LAN Overview 



The PAX Australia convention kicked off strongly with the introduction 

of the PAX ESL $5000 LAN. After the Open and Invitational Qualifiers 

held 2 weeks  earlier, the Top 4 teams in the Oceanic  Rocket League 

scene  battled  against  each  other  for  the  largest  prize  pool  to  date.  If 

you missed the qualifiers, the teams that competed were are: 

 #1 Seed  - Legacy eSports     
 #2 Seed  - Alpha Sydney        
 #3 Seed  - Athletico            
 #4 Seed  - Abyss eSports Club    


The PAX ESL LAN was hosted and brought to fruition by ESLGaming - 

The  largest  online  competitive  eSports  corporation  in  the  Oceanic  re-

gion. The $5000 USD prize pool for the LAN was sponsored by Rocket 

League’s developer, Psyonix. 

With  a  lack of  saved  VODs  (due  to  a  technical  issue  with  the stream),  there 

will only be a game summary for the Grand Final. Instead of individual games, 

there will be an overview of the tournament. This can be found on 

page 4.


Writer: Unbound - Editors: yumi_cheeseman, EyeDeeKay - Formatter: Dover 

31/10/2016 to 7/11/2016   


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Weekly Summary 



We’ve seen an insane amount of change to the 

RLOCE scene as we know it. In the midst of teams 

changing, disbanding, starting up and overall  

throwing a jittery change to the entire competitive 

scene in OCE, we also see some incredible 

amounts of sportsmanship and some incredible 

gameplay coming out of PAX AUS; home to Rocket 

League OCE’s biggest competitive tournament - 

The PAX ESL $5000 LAN. 


We’ve seen a new tournament start in the region, 

coming from Mockit - a very, very well known 

source of competitive gameplay from over in the 

states, who recently began to welcome the OCE 

region into their leagues. We’ve seen the winners 

from PAX AUS receive the first ever ESL Monthly 

Elite titles for the OCE Region, which is an          

incredible feat and a huge achievement for   

everyone involved in RLO. 


We’ve seen the ending of a lot of effort for some 

members, who recently departed their teams. 

We’ve seen new efforts arise into new teams, and 

we’ve seen roster changes for some of the biggest 

powerhouse teams we’ve got in our region. 


It’s been nothing short of an incredibly intense 

week, with a lot of changes to our scene; some 

changes you might not even know about. Find out 

all about it in this weeks RLO report.



Rocket League OCE Discord                




Though not necessarily limited to being a discord    

announcement, there’s been a recent announcement 



a well known caster and analyst for the 

OCE region in a number of games. This                   

announcement was for the 

$4000 Sennheiser Classic 


 - valuing player prizes at $2400 and     

additional prizes at $1600. This tournament             

announcement comes just after the recent PAX $5000 

tournament that happened this recent week.


The qualifiers for this will be held on Saturday the 12th 

of November, 5:00PM AEDT. The qualifiers are 

open to anybody willing to enter, but make no mistake, 

there will be an incredible amount of competition going 

into this - because who doesn’t want to try and win 

some free peripherals, right? 


With some luck, this tournament and the recent huge 

PAX tournament from this week maybe begin the   

cascading effect that OCE is looking for, as we see the 

Cross-Pacific Championship Cup coming up very soon 

as well. More information found about all of these  

tournaments on the 

RLO discord.




Weekly Results 



1. Alpha Sydney 

2. Unloaded 

3. FuroX 

4. Team TBD 



1. Alpha Sydney 

2. Mirth 

3. Scarabae 

4. Serenity 

RLO A’s 


1. Serenity 

2. DUMPstered 

3. Blitzkrieg 

4. Team Evade 



1. Blitzkrieg 

2. Reloaded 

3. FuroX 

4. Prodigy 

CPC Cup           

Qualifier 1


1. Athletico 

2. Reloaded 

3. FuroX 

4. Prodigy 





1. Legacy eSports 

2. Abyss ESC. 

3. Athletico 

4. Alpha Sydney 



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Weekly Community Update




Over the past week


 some changes happen in the Rocket League scene - as 

they always do. This week, we see PAX Australia take 

the attention of a large portion of the community, with the 

PAX ESL $5000 LAN tournament coming to the         

convention. We’ll be seeing Legacy, Athletico, Alpha 

Sydney and Abyss all perform there; and although 

they’re currently the names of the scene, there’s also 

some changes going on with some other teams. 



Large Scale Team Changes 



Gameroos - Disbanding: 


Gameroos was a team that, in their latest weeks, were 

looking stronger than they had for a long time; which 

means that it comes as nothing short of a surprise to 

hear about the team recently disbanding. The team were 

looking hotter and hotter recently, but with conflicting 

schedules coming from each member, the roster found it 

rather hard to get some practice together. Training      

together and achieving chemistry are two incredibly    

important things when contributing to a competitive team, 

especially a team up as far as in #6 in the recent Power 

Rankings. It is unfortunate, but hopefully the members of 

the newly-disbanded team can find homes at newer 

teams that work better with their schedules. 


Serenity - New Club: 


The creation of Serenity comes off the back of a fair few 

recently-made free agents who were exceptionally quick 

to group together their playstyles and find themselves 

matching up strongly to create the new team Serenity - 

made of Fachy, Kia, Seniaz as core and Snowy as their 

sub, it’s safe to say that with a line-up like that, Serenity 

will be a team to look out for in the future; especially   

given their impressive results during the Cross-Pacific 

Championship Qualifier 1, where they took out FFF and 

Blaa in the Winners bracket. They then moved to the 

Losers bracket after a loss to Athletico, which saw them 

beat Phoenix Gaming, and proceed onto the Main Event 

of South America VS Oceania. 



Reloaded - New Club: 


Reloaded are still a very, very new team - but they have 

the potential to go extremely far. With the line-up of 

Slurpee, Hecticcrunt, Rasmus as their sub/standing-in 

third until there’s a confirmed third core player, and Fake 

as the other official sub, the team has gained the        

attention of the RLOCE community with their consistent 

plays in tournaments. Though it is said they’ve been   

using tournaments to trial new members and see who fits 

best for the team, they’ve still come out impressively,  

taking some strong offensive gameplay into the ESL 

Go4RL Sunday tournament against Alpha Sydney. With 

some time, a confident third pick and some practice with 

chemistry, Reloaded could soar quickly into the Power 

Rankings for OCE, and quickly look as strong as any of 

the top 5 teams in the region. There’s still a long way to 

come before that, however - but they’re never ones to 

shy away from a challenge. 


Anixia - New Club: 


Anixia is a team that we should all very carefully look out 

for. With some seriously strong names on their core   

roster, such as MrShoeShoe, Samdaham and             

SeriousSam, this team will hopefully have no trouble 

finding their place in the RLOCE competitive scene. With 

MrShoeShoe being a name that is mentioned frequently 

as one of the stronger solo-players of the Oceanic      

region, seeing him in a team means that this team surely 

has a lot of potential. They have a long road ahead of 

them to make it onto the power rankings, but it’s safe to 

say that given some practice and some particular focus 

on getting a solid team chemistry going, Anixia could   

potentially become something great; however, only time 

will tell. 


Corvidae - Roster Changes: 


With Corvidae looking stronger after their convincing win 

over Abyss to take out The Chase Premiers, seeing them 

come down to a few straight losses seems unexpected to 

say the least. Unfortunately, the team has come under 

some recent fire with a few interesting events happening; 

Daisu leaving competitive Rocket League, their overall 

loss streak after The Chase, and picking up two new 

players - Plitzinator replacing Daisu and Sxcii_Steve 

coming is as a new sub puts the team in an interesting 

new position. Watching them control their evolution with 

their new roster will be an interesting experience,        

especially if they hone in on the potential chemistry and 

experience each member has to create a new power-

house team; hopefully this new line-up can expel the    

inconsistency that Corvidae seem to find themselves  

under recently.




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PAX ESL $5000 Tournament 




As tournaments go, the PAX ESL 5K LAN was an     

incredible one to experience. Going into the             

tournament, after looking at the seeds and where    

everyone was placed, it’s clear that Legacy were the 

strong favourites to take out the tournament in an easy 

fashion - however, that was simply not the case. 


In the first game of the Winners Bracket, we see the 

long-time rivals Legacy eSports and Abyss eSports 

Club go head-to-head. Abyss, coming in as the fourth 

seed, were not expected to do overly well at the tourna-

ment; however, they had been in Melbourne for a little 

while longer than the other teams, and had some               

opportunities to bond and build up that player         

chemistry. They took the first round against Legacy, 

pushing themselves into the next round and Legacy into 

the losers bracket - a surprising start for the tournament 



Following this game, Athletico and Alpha Sydney were 

the next game up. Alpha Sydney, coming into the    

tournament qualifiers as the surprisingly successful 

Rocket Devils, were thought to have a strong            

performance ahead of them - being the 2nd seed    

coming up against the 3rd seed. However, Athletico 

were experienced and worked well together, showing 

clearly just how well-formed their team chemistry is. 

They took their incredible offensive pressure into the 

game, backed by the strong defense of SnarfSnarf, and 

won the surprising upset against Alpha Sydney,     

pushing them into the losers bracket to verse Legacy 

while Athletico moved on to verse Abyss in the winners 



With the two opening games for the tournament done 

with, finding the two seeds in the tournament down in  

the Losers Bracket certainly stirred an uneasy feeling 

for how the rest of this tournament was going to play 

out. Coming into the Losers Bracket, Alpha Sydney and 

Legacy showed off an incredible display of Rocket 

League. In particular, Jake the Tyrant and Drippay did 

an extremely good job showing off their teams potential 

to adapt to fast pace of gameplay, catching Legacy off 

guard and taking a game off them. However, Legacy 

responded strongly, buckling down in both defensive 

and offensive pressure to take out the games in the rest 

of the series. Across the field, however, Athletico and 

Abyss were playing in the winners bracket. Athletico 

suffered from some controller malfunctions, which put 

them on the back hand, but that’s no testimony to how 

strong Abyss were playing. It didn’t take long for Abyss 

to take out the entire series quickly, 3-0 over Athletico, 

forcing them into the Losers Bracket versus Legacy.


The Losers Bracket saw Athletico versus Legacy, with 

Athletico coming off a rough experience with some  

controller malfunctions and tilting experiences; in the 

meantime, Legacy were on a tear back. They took a 

solid victory over Alpha Sydney to move forward in the 

Losers Bracket - but that still meant Legacy were on the 

back foot. A loss to Athletico would mean they were out 

in 3rd place, and completely upsetting the tournament 

results. Legacy fired up at the beginning of the series, 

quickly taking out a few games against Athletico, who 

were struggling to find their feet. However, it didn’t take 

long for them counteract these losses once they found 

their feet, quickly bringing it back against Legacy; who 

were quick to respond. The entire series was heated, 

but it was Legacy who were just playing completely out 

of their mind. Coming off a bad upset against Abyss, 

showing that they deserved to be regarded as the #1 

team in Oceania when they played skillfully against  

Alpha Sydney, Legacy were looking to take out the top 

prize of this tournament. 

The Stage at PAX Arena, where the finals took place. 


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They quickly settled the game and won convincingly,   

putting them on an absolute tear of a streak to be back 

into the Grand Final versus Abyss. 

Seeing Legacy perform exceptionally off the back of a 

surprising loss to Abyss early on in the day definitely    

revitalizes their chances and if they take out the Grand 

Final, there’s absolutely no doubt that they’d have to be 

considered the strongest team in OCE for the current  


After Legacy picked up GroovyGrape, their team chemis-

try just flowed far more smoothly than beforehand.     

However, with that in mind, Abyss have definitely been 

putting in the hard yards, and having beaten both Legacy 

and Athletico already is definitely showing just how strong 

they are of a team, as well as how much effort they’ve 

been putting in to show that they’re stronger than just   

being the 4th seed at this LAN tournament. 

Grand Final Overview 



Abyss eSports Club - Express | Adzzey | Cyrix 

 Legacy eSports - Soma | Eren | GroovyGrape 

Going into the Grand Final, we see an incredible aura 

come out of the entire venue at the PAX ESL 5K LAN. 

Any big fan of pro-circuit Rocket League in Oceania 

knows that Abyss and Legacy are long-time rivals, and it 

goes without saying that this series of games would be 

the showdown of a lifetime. Abyss quickly took the first 3 

games in an incredibly confident fashion, leaving          

absolutely nothing to chance and showing off an          

incredible amount of coordination in their team passing 

plays. Express and Addzey having potentially the best 

games in their careers, hooking up almost too well with 

Cyrix to produce some incredible full-team plays, a clear 

example of just how strong this team really is. Though 

down, Legacy were never out. Even during the losses, 

they were still picking up speed and showing that they 

were still in the series; particularly with an incredible goal 

from GroovyGrape, which consisted of him sending the 

ball into the backboard only to fly upside-down and dunk it 

in from above the net. The next 4 games showed just how 

strongly they wanted to win. There was an incredible    

atmosphere in the arena as Legacy quickly took 3 out of 

the 4 required victories to complete the reverse sweep, 

and it was almost as if even the Abyss fans in the crowd 

wanted to see the 7th game take place. They were re-

warded, as Legacy saw victory with a convincing 2-0    

victory to take them to the final game. 


The final game was every bit the best Rocket League that 

Oceania has to offer, and more. We saw Legacy, the kids 

of the comeback, on such an incredible spree of victories 

lately that they seemed almost unstoppable - but they 

went up against Abyss, a team who had definitely turned 

it on for this tournament. The final game consisted on 

some incredible offensive and defensive plays, and as the 

final 2 minutes approached, it seemed like Legacy might 

have finally taken it all - but Express didn’t seem up to 

that idea, pulling up every single ounce of defensive     

capability just to save the game for them. We quickly see 

the game end 1-1, taking the final game of the series to 

an overtime. 


Almost immediately into the Overtime, Abyss get an     

incredible shot on goal, and all seems lost for the Legacy 

boys - until GroovyGrape makes an absolutely incredible 

backwards save out of nowhere, putting Legacy on the 

counterattack. After some defensive struggles from 

Abyss, GroovyGrape finds the perfect soft touch to Soma, 

who puts the ball into the back of the net, securing the 

victory for Legacy eSports.



Abyss eSports Club VS Legacy eSports - PAX ESL 5K 

LAN Grand Final VOD


Cyrix signals ”one more”  as Abyss are one win away from victory. 

Legacy eSports Celebrating Victory. 


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Cross-Pacific Championship Cup 

Qualifiers Roundup 



The Cross-Pacific Championship Cup, or CPC for short, 

will be coming up to the community soon. We’ve seen a 

lot of heavy involvement regarding this tournament lately, 

as it’s the Oceanic region’s first opportunity to show on 

the international stage that there’s a community here that 

truly wants to be recognized. There’s been an incredible 

amount of support, and given that this tournament came 

up almost immediately after last weeks Australia VS Brazil 

International Friendly, the support from both communities 

is constantly growing, more and more each and every 



For those who aren’t sure about what the CPC is, the 

CPC is a competitive international competition which 

hosts the top 4 qualifying teams from both the Oceanic 

region and the South American region, who will compete 

both for international reputation in hopes of competing in 

the Rocket League Championship Series - Season 3 

(RLCS3), their share of the $1000 prize pool and,         

ultimately the most sought-after prize, the top team will 

have both their team and player names engraved into the  

physical CPC trophy that will be awarded to them. 


With that being said, the teams that qualified for the    

tournament from the Oceanic region are: 


Alpha Sydney 








It’s rather surprising not to see Abyss eSports Club or 

Legacy eSports on this list. Coming off of PAX being the 

top 2 teams, it’s almost expected to see them at       

something as important as this. However, there’s no     

official reason as to why they aren’t competing - but  

nonetheless, it’s safe to say Oceania is in safe hands. 

Both  Alpha Sydney and Athletico were strong competitors 

at the PAX LAN, and FuroX and Serenity are two          

incredibly strong teams that could easily rival the top 4 



It is going to be rather difficult to predict who will win, as 

the teams from South America have not yet been         

finalised, but with the quality of competition over in the 

Oceanic region slowly but steadily increasing; there’s no 

doubt that the tournament will be an incredibly interesting 

watch for both sides of the world.


Determined by:




Head of Gameroos Tournament Administration and 

heavily involved in the Rocket League Oceanic     

competitive community.




Analyst and Commentator for AussieGamingTV, proud 

partners of the RLOCE Competitive division.




International Competitive Rocket League Coach and 

Analyst for the RLOCE Competitive Division.


RLO Nolski


Director of Public Relations for Rocket League      

Oceania. Owner of Phoenix Gaming. Heavy enthusiast 

of Rocket League 


Announcement regarding Power Rankings this 

week from RLO Nolski: 


In light of the recent OCE Shuffle it has been very      

difficult to rank teams accurately with so many teams   

disbanding, creating new rosters or reforming old line 

ups. We feared that the rankings this week are not a  

representation of our best efforts, nor accurate of the 

scene. So, unfortunately, there will be no PR this week. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Normal 

service should resume next week.”



 PR Staff. 


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Key Upcoming Events & 




November 12th:


ROCET Playoffs 


$4000 Sennheiser Classic - Open Qualifiers 


November 13th: 

$1000 CPC Cup Qualifier 2 


November 19th & 20th:


Transpacific Championship Cup - Main 



November 26th:




December 3rd:


A special announcement from RLO 


December 4th & 5th:


RLCS Live Finals at Amsterdam 


December 10th:


Sennheiser Classic Finals 

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