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December 26, 2013 by Erin B. White 

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Venus Factor is a diet program tailored for women who want to lose weight. 


Written by the renowned fitness and nutrition expert John Barban, it’s simple 
approach to dieting, including apps such as The Virtual Nutritionist and The 
Venus Community/Immersion, has made it into one of the most popular weight 
loss programs. 


In this post I’ve taken a closer look at the program, including pictures and 
descriptions of the different features. 


I’ve also done a review of the pros and cons, along with where the best place to 
get it is. 


Skeptical? So was I ... 


Have you ever bought a weight loss program online — one of those that promised 
to give you miraculous results within a few days? I have — more than once. 


If you name a weight loss program, I’ve probably bought it. 


I would say, from the products I’ve bought and tried, that as much as half the 
programs on the market are complete garbage. 


Then, most of the other half are OK ... but they offer very little new... Something 
certainly not worth paying for. 


They’ll tell you to exercise and eat less, and you’ll lose weight. How many times 
haven’t you heard that? 


I am a big skeptic to anything that seems to good to be true, and especially in the 
diet and fitness niche, so I understand if you feel the same way. 


It’s one thing when you’re young, but once I passed thirty, I came to the 
realization that I’d have to get my health and life back on track. Going to the 
beach and feeling uncomfortable wearing bikini, feeling tired, lacking energy and 
feeling bloated ... Losing weight has for me been my goal every year, for many 


My review of the diet program 


Naturally, with the hype surrounding 

The Venus Factor

, I was suspicious. 


My sixth sense said it was another over-hyped program. The reviews seemed 
really good, and the before and after pictures were all promising ... Yet, something 
was holding me back. 






After some reading, and debating back and forth ... I thought to myself: “why not 

give it a try?” ... Worst case, I’d just use the money-back guarantee and then at 
least I’ve tried it. 


If I failed, I would know for sure that it didn’t work — If I never tried it, maybe I 
lost a great opportunity? 


I picked up the program from 


, and started right away. Now that I’m done 

with the 12 week program, I figured I’d do a quick write-up here on my 


What is it? What will I get? 


Workout plan 





Online video demonstration at members area 



Sample from workout plan 



Sample site about Leptin 



Table of contents 



Table of contents continued 



Workout Manual 






Virtual nutritionist, input form 



Virtual nutritionist, output 


Members board 


A central part in the program is the Venus Index.
 It takes your waist, hip and 
height measurements into consideration (see picture above of the Virtual 


nutritionist), and it will tailor the diet to your needs. 


When looking through the product, it becomes evident that this is more than a 
weight loss program
. It is also designed to make you stronger, healthier and 
toned. The sole purpose of the exercise plan, is not to just burn fat. It is to get an 
overall healthier body — to get lasting changes. Some products overlook this 
important factor completely, so naturally I’m glad to find a product focusing on 


Why lose weight if you are gaining it all back? 


There are plenty of programs that will make you lose weight, but very few will 
give you lasting changes: staying toned and sexy next year, in ten years and for as 
long as you want. 


Some programs seem to focus only on the diet part, while modern research 
concludes that working out is just as important (Weiss, Edward P., et al. 
“Calorie Restriction and Matched Weight Loss From Exercise: Independent and 
Additive Effects on Glucoregulation and the Incretin System in Overweight 
Women and Men.” 

Diabetes care (2015): dc142913.


You may have seen weight loss shows such as ‘The Biggest Loser’ on TV? 


Have you noticed how they focus a lot on the exercise part? This isn’t a 
coincidence. You can obviously lose weight with just a diet, the problem is that 
you will also lose muscle. Now, as we all know, muscles burn fat. 




The more muscles you have, the more fat you’ll burn. Therefore, an important part 
of weight loss is to maintain muscle. This is why we often see that people who are 
trying to lose weight the first time will plateau


That’s where 90% fail! 


Diets with an extremely low calorie intake, or fasting, will lower your leptin 
levels. This hormone controls appetite, metabolism and several other factors 
that are important for fat loss 

de Git and Adan, 2015

, “Leptin resistance in diet-

induced obesity: the role of hypothalamic inflammation”) 


This is even more important for women than for men, as our leptin levels are 

The program includes (see pictures above): 


A workout plan. Laid out step-by-step. You won’t need any additional 

expensive equipment for the exercises, they can either be performed at home, at 
the gym or outside. When clicking one of the exercises in the book, you will see a 
video demonstration of the exercises. This is really helpful. 


The manual. All the hard science wrapped up in an easy to read book. I’ve 

always said that in order to lose weight, and keep it off, it is important to know 
why you are doing the certain steps. 


The virtual nutritionist. This app will, with some input from you, calculate what 

your body needs during the day in terms of calories and proteins. It is a simple, yet 
powerful, tool. As you know, your body will change during the diet. Your 
metabolism and recommended calorie intake will change accordingly. This clever 
app makes it easy. 


The Venus community (Venus Immersion). This alone is worth the price of the 

program. This is a private members area. In this forum, you can interact with 
fellow users and track your progress. It is different from any other weight loss 
forum, as it is members only. All users are motivated to do the 12 week program, 
and offer their tips and motivation. 


This is a video from the workout program. I know it’s not necessary to use the 
workout part to lose weight, but it will give you quicker results: 





A video presentation of the program (opens in new window) 


What is good about the diet? ... and bad? 


This is a digital product, meaning it is delivered straight after you’ve purchased it. 
This can be good or bad. A digital product can be made by anyone, so I am usually 
more critical when buying one (the threshold cost to make a print book is way 
higher). A digital product is cheaper though, and you get the obvious advantage of 
having it NOW — an not next week. 


My first impression, is that it looks good. The overall quality, and that of the 
writing is high and it’s well referenced to peer reviewed articles. It simply does 
what it says in the copy, and more. 


All the exercises are linked with videos in the members area, so there is no 
confusion on how to perform them. Should you have any questions about the 
exercises, you’ll always get help in the community board. 


To put it this way: it does not look like some simple ebook someone threw 


Considering the low price (at least for now, it might increase in not too long), and 
all the extras, it’s an awesome deal. 


Other than that: 


It cuts away the voodoo part of weight loss. Back to the basics. The essentials. 

The stuff the actually works. It’s a diet program, but it also allows you to eat the 
food that you prefer. It’s not one of those systems where you drink soup for 12 


It explains why weight loss for women is different. Yes, women have a harder 

time losing weight than men — one of the reasons being our hormonal balance 
(see what I wrote about leptin above). 


Like in any program. Staying motivated can be hard. Especially in the beginning, 
when you can’t see the results yet. 


After a while, when you’ve lost a couple of pounds, and you start to feel the 
energy from the workouts and healthier lifestyle– it get’s more motivating. 


The discussion board, for members only, is a great motivation in the first few 
weeks. Other members are posting about their progress, and I always feel more 
devoted to a diet when I know it works — it just makes it easier. 


But it takes work. It isn’t some magic pill. Then again: nothing worth having in 
life comes easy. If you work hard, you get what you want. But you should also 
work smart! 


Is this diet for me? 


If you have more than 10 pounds to lose, and you want to tone your body, This 
program is 
definitely for you. Even if you are just considering to lose weight, or 
want to learn more about exercising and healthy eating — I would personally 
recommend the program. I don’t usually recommend a product, with my full 
name, but this time I will. I feel it’s a safe choice, especially with the money-back 
guarantee — where you get the chance to try it risk free. 


To summarize: 


This program is tuned to the female body, compared to most other products which 
are generally made for men. It’s also a ‘all-in-one solution': exercise, dieting, 
nutrition ... You don’t have to buy anything else. All the tools you need to is 
included. I have yet to see another weight loss program offering the same — 
though a lot of them claim to do it. 


If you’re still not sure if it’s for you take a look at a 

free video presentation here

. It 

will explain the concepts from the program in more detail, and also why losing 
weight is so much harder for women than for men. 


You can pick it up from the official website here. 


Now also available in 





If you’re not happy with it, they have a 60 day no-questions asked money back 
— leaving no risk for you and me. It’s literally as simple as pressing a 
refund button online, and the amount in it’s full will be sent to you. 


Then you’ve at least tried it — maybe it will be the first step towards a 
healthier (and more sexy) body? 


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