The Brixton Fund  

Pound Up

Make your business part of 

building a better Brixton

The Brixton Fund represents a unique opportunity 
to associate your business with positive change in 
Brixton, and create a long-lasting impact for all of us 
who call it home.

The Brixton Fund is Brixton’s grants scheme, 

managed by the Brixton Pound CIC, which 

enables community organisations to carry 

out locally beneficial work. The Fund’s core 

objectives are to support local individuals, 

businesses and projects that:


Increase local employment opportunities


Take action for social justice


Produce activities beneficial to the local 


Brixton is one of London’s most famous 

areas, and for good reason; it’s been an 

engine of cultural and social change for many 

years and boasts one of London’s strongest 

business communities, alongside its lively 

character and boisterous night-life.

It is also an area that experiences deep-

rooted social issues and at the Brixton 

Pound we believe that with the help of each 

Brixtonite and Brixton-based business, we 

have the resources to enable solutions to 

these problems.

What is the Brixton 


The Background

Making the Fund public is at the heart of our 

work. We want our supporters to know who 

receives funding and how it is spent, and we 

want the local public and our fundees to know 

whose generosity is contributing to it. We 

hold two public events a year where people 

are invited to meet supporters and decide on 

how to allocate funds.

Making it Public 

The Brixton Fund is the only fund of its kind 

in London that works with businesses and 

local residents to channel resources into 

community projects. 

With the support of our partners, our 

vision is to make the Brixton Fund the 

vehicle for positive change in Brixton, and a 

demonstration of new social responsibility. 

In 2017 our goal is secure funding of at least 

£50,000 to go towards community projects.

Our Vision

Brixton Context

This year we gave out £10,000 to 

organisations and funded activities such as:


A 4-day residential programme for young 

leaders with 

The Advocacy Academy


A festival celebrating age with 

Age UK


Promoting cycling and design with 


Ya Bike


Refurbishing the kitchen at 


Community Base


Supporting long-term unemployed into 

work with 

The Cornerstone Church


Feel Good Friday activities with 


Elfrida Rathbone Society


A community gardening project with 



A youth-led careers event with 




An exhibition exploring the changing 

social landscape of Brixton with 


Xavier de Sousa

Amelia Viney, The Advocacy Academy

The Advocacy Academy develops young 

leaders from marginalised backgrounds

“Just like the Brixton Pound, The Advocacy 

Academy builds powerful communities. 

That’s why we were so excited to be awarded 

£2,000, money which allowed us to run a 

four-day event designed by our young leaders, 

exploring how they can effectively challenge 

systemic inequality an injustice. We are so 

grateful to all the locals who came out to 

support us! You are helping a generation 

of ambitious but underprivileged young 

Londoners to be heard.”

Who We Fund

The Advocacy Academy

Lambeth Elfrida 

Rathbone Society  

Funding a Better Brixton

Andrea Swainson, Project Fundraiser
Rathbone provides individual support and 

group activities for children, young people 

and adults with learning disabilities.

“The Brixton Fund supported one of our 

hardest to fund projects – the Feel Good 

Friday group that meets in the heart of 

Brixton to go and explore, build friendship 

and find out what’s going on locally. The 

Brixton Fund made fundraising more 

personable and enabled us to meet with 

local people and share our project.

More info >

The Brixton Pound Up is an easy way 

to integrate the Brixton Fund into your 


There are several ways to do this:

Optional Pound Up

Add an optional fee to the bill which will 

directly feed into the Brixton Fund. For 

example, offer customers the opportunty to 

add a percentage of the bill, or round it up.

The socially conscious choice

Make an item on your menu the one that 

customers feel even better about choosing, 

by stating that a percentage or fixed amount 

of the price will go into the Brixton Fund. You 

could even incorporate this into the name of 

the item.  

Let’s get your name out there.

You’re helping build a better Brixton, and 

we’re going to make sure everyone knows 

about it. 

Online: we have 10,000 followers on Twitter, 

and a Brixton newsletter list of 4,000+. 

We’ll commit to a tweet a week thanking you 

for your support, and a mention in our Fund 

newsletter once awards are made. We’ll also 

add you to our website as a supporter. 

In our business: your name will go on the wall 

in our cafe so that every customer here knows 

that you take community seriously.

In your business: we’ll give you Fund-related 

information such as flyers for customers, and 

provide advice on any further display you’d like 

to use.

In public: we’ll invite you to our public Fund 

events where you can meet the projects we 

fund and be part of the process that decides 

where the money goes. 

Become a Supporter

Why Support the Fund

The Brixton Fund is an opportunity to 

associate with a brand that sits at the heart 

of Brixton and has delivered value to the area 

for over seven years. 

We work with Lambeth Council, Brixton BID, 

local voluntary organisations, businesses 

large and small, and residents. Our Brixton 

newsletter goes out to over 4,000 people.

We feature regularly in the media. In the 

last year alone we have been featured in the 

Guardian, Time Out, BBC, and the New York 

Times. We have 10,000 followers on Twitter 

and 2,000 Facebook likes.

In addition to our business partnerships, 

the Fund is supported through the not-for-

profit activities of the Brixton Pound CIC, 

which includes its cafe, retail, transaction 

fees for its electronic currency, and over 

300 monthly individual donations.

Show Your Values 

Join the Other Donors 

Launched in 2009, the Brixton Pound (B£) 

works with Brixton’s independent businesses, 

builds a more connected community, and 

celebrates the area’s unique character. We 

believe in economic justice and building a 

local economy that is sustainable, creates 

opportunities for local people, and is distinctly 



020 3581 2850

77 Atlantic Road, Brixton, SW9 8PU

At the core of what we do is the B£ itself:

a local currency designed to benefit local 

businesses that keep Brixton, Brixton. As the 

UK’s first urban community currency the B£ 

has established a national, and international, 

reputation - and is a well recognised and 

trusted member of the Brixton community.

We work with local groups: businesses, 

community organisations, civic projects, youth 

groups and local government - searching 

for and implementing new ways of bringing 

Brixtonites together as a community and a 

local economy.

What is the  

Brixton Pound?

What We Do


The Brixton Pound (registered community 

interest company, no. 07635113) is a not-for-

profit organisation, overseen by a board of 


More info >

The board of the Brixton Pound is accountable 

for the administration of the Brixton Fund. A 

highly accessible process enables applicants 

to gain funding, with decisions made in 

collaboration with representatives from 

different aspects of the Brixton community at 

a public event. These events are held twice a 

year, and approximately 200 people attend. 

Brixtonites of different stripes sit on a 

seperate decision panel which ensures 

different perspectives and priorities 

influence funding decisions. Local knowledge 

and understanding is indispensable when 

working to create positive solutions, and it 

allows effective local interpretations of the 

Fund’s aims: employment, social justice and 

community benefit.

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Our Team

How We Award Grants


Binki Taylor

General Manager 

Tom Shakhli

Project Manager

Lucy Çava

Communications Manager

Frank Taylor