Editorial comment!

here again… 

Taylor School is now finishing it’s 4th 

year.  Over that time we’ve had over 500 

students studying here.  We are proud of 

the good reputation we have with our students and we are 

always looking for ways to improve learning and to have more 

fun with English. 
Over the summer we have classes for adults to prepare 

Cambridge Exams, and Trinity ISE II (for bilingual teachers) 

and also conversation classes of all levels. 
There are going to be some changes this year.  Two of our super-teachers are moving on to 

bigger and better things.  Andrea is moving to Madrid 

and Andy is going to teach in a secondary school.  They 


amazing teachers and great workmates. We’ll miss 

them here and we wish them all the best for the


Dave Taylor 

Can you spot the 

different shells? 

There are 10 in the 



Here’s one

Infant Artists 

The infants drew butterflies for our mural (see front cover).  
They’re very colourful!

In this edition of the 

summer magazine there are 
lots of activities for students 

to do.  Every time you see 

this sign there’s an activity 

to complete.

Young Dave

We’re all going on a summer holiday….   


to the United States of America!


By Juan, Raquel, Lua, Lucía, Iyán and Alba


We’re going to visit a cowboy town 

and ride a horse.   

We’re going to go to a Willyrex book 


We’re going to go to Hollywood and 

Las Vegas! 

We’re going to swim at the beach and relax.   

We’re going to visit Disney Land and Lego 


We’re going to see the Empire State 

Building, the Statue of Liberty and Time 



We’ve been reading 
this fantastic book 
about a little boy 
who gets very angry.  
He gets so angry that 
he goes away and 
becomes the king of 
the wild things.


By Julio A, Mario B, Adriana C, Javier E,  

Lara F, Iván G, Martín H, Carla I. 

Match the pictures to the descriptions: 

1) Martín - I’ve got dark hair and brown eyes. 

I’m wearing a tracksuit top and shorts. 

2) Carla - I’ve got brown hair and hazel eyes. 

I’m wearing a skirt, jumper and a T-shirt.   

3) Javier - I’ve got blonde hair and green eyes. 

I’m wearing a red T-shirt.   

4) Ale - I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 

wearing a tracksuit top and shorts.   

5) Iván - I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 

wearing a black and white jumper and green 


6) Mario - I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 

wearing a blue and white T-shirt and brown 


7) Adriana - I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. 

I’m wearing a jumper, socks, shoes, a skirt and 

a T-shirt. I’ve got a red school bag.   

8) Lara - I’ve got blonde hair and brown eyes. 

I’m wearing a jumper, socks, shoes and a skirt.   

9) Julio -I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. 

I’m wearing a blue jumper, a white T-shirt, 

black socks, brown shoes and brown trousers.   

(Answers on the back page)

What’s the                          ? 

1. It’s something that you give on a 


2. It’s a place where you can buy things 

you need, for example food and cleaning 


3. It’s a type of food that you eat cold. 

4. It’s a time when you go or live in a 

different place. 

5. It’s a cartoon character who lives in the 

Stone Age. 

6. It’s a sport that you do in the water and 

you need a board to take on waves. 

7. It’s a season that is very hot. It comes 

after Spring and before Autumn.

Fred Flintstone 

















The action never stops.. 

This year at Taylor School we’ve been as busy as usual 

doing fun activities with the children and adults.  At 

Christmas we did a fun Christmas show starring Liz and 

John as The Littlest Elf.  At Easter we went outside an 

had our Egg Olympics.  You can see a video of the event 

on the Taylor School Facebook page.  #

With the adults, Joe took everyone round Oviedo’s old 

town, sharing stories about 

the history of our beautiful 

city. #

We always have the conversation classes for adults and workshops for the 

primary children on Fridays.  The library is always available to the 

students.  You can even take books to read over summer.#

This year we also had the Cambridge Young Learners 

exams at the school.  We’re still waiting for the results - 

so fingers crossed!  #

You can find our website at and we’re on 

Facebook at #

Mateo, Almu, David Gabriel, Miguel and Alejandro



We asked the students in the Cambridge Advanced 

classes for their advice to students who may be 

moving up from First Certificate. 



It’s useful to test yourself in order to have a 

good idea of your level before 

deciding to do the exam (the 
mock exam is a great way to 
do this). 

At First Certificate level it’s 
very important to say 
something, but at the 
Advanced level it’s also 
important to be accurate when 

speaking (but don’t worry 

about making mistakes) 

I wish I had studied a bit more and done the 
homework more often. 

Don’t avoid difficult 
pronunciation because 
otherwise you won’t be able 
to overcome it. 

Take advantage of any 
opportunity to talk to native 
English speakers, it’s really 
useful to listen to a variety 
of accents. 

It’s a good idea to write something regularly, 
it’s like having an extra class. 

I wish I had gone to the conversation classes 
more often, it’s a fun way of practicing 
speaking in a different context to the usual 

We would recommend doing homework every 
day in order to practice what you 
learn in class. 


We suggest watching TV and 
listening to the radio in English so 
that you can train your ear, using 
English subtitles if necessary. 


If I were you, I would go over the 
things you learn in class when you 
are at home. 


A good way to practice is to get into the habit 
of translating what you say into English: Say 
to yourself “How would I say that in English?”  


It’s a good idea to make a note of any 
new and unfamiliar words and look 
them up later in a dictionary. 


It might be useful to keep a 
vocabulary notebook divided into 
different sections, such as work, 
holidays, weather etc so it would be 
easy to review. 


Another good way to practise is to try and use 
new words and expressions as much as 
possible as soon as you learn them. 


I wish I had kept a grammar notebook too, 
with all of the grammar points we’ve seen. 

This is what they said:

Why did you choose to do the Pre-First course at Taylor School? 
Leonardo:  I took the level test which they offered me here and decided to take 
this course with a long-term plan to improve my English. I've realised it was the 
right level for me, doing the First Certificate course would have been too difficult 
after such a long time because I studied English when I was a child but after high 
school I studied German...for 20 years! In my opinion, it's 'never too late' to start 
learning another language and in my job as a professor at the University of Oviedo 
I am interested in doing 'research stays' in other countries and I'd like to go to the 
U.S.A or another English-speaking place for a year. I'll probably do the exam in the 
future but I'm not really in a hurry, as from my experience of learning German I 
know that it is a life-long learning experience.  
How has the course helped you? 
Nacho:  I've been coming to Taylor School for the last couple of years and I'm 
hoping to do the First Certificate next year. Doing this course I've lost my fear of 
speaking English. I also come to the extra Conversation Classes every Friday 
evening. We discuss a variety of 
themes and this year the level has 
been very high, because most of the 
students have been from the 
Advanced Classes! It's been good for 
me.  I can understand everything and 
I'm speaking much more fluently. For 
me learning English is amusing... 
Do you plan to do the First 
Certificate next year? 
Tatiana: Yes, my initial plan was to do 
the First Certificate this year as I'd like to have it. I have to use English at work all 
the time and I'm fine with the writing and reading, but I needed to improve my 
listening and speaking. The Mock Exam in April was helpful becauseI realised that I 
probably need another year to get the First Certificate. Although I was really 
pleased with my result!  Much better than I expected! I need objectives to keep on 
studying, so I will aim to do the exam in June 2016. 

At Taylor School we offer classes at B1+ level for students 
who want to take the Cambridge First Certificate Exam 
(FCE) but who are not ready for the B2 level class.


An Interview with…  


Charlie is an English exchange student who was 
staying in Oviedo with Alejandro.  Our ESO and 6º primary class asked him some 

What's your favourite dish? 

I like food in general, so it's difficult to say. I like fish and chips and a Chinese takeaway at the 
weekend. I tried Alejandro's mother's Spanish Omelette yesterday, it was very filling!  At the 
weekend she is going to make fabada, so I will try that too.#

What do you think of the weather here? 

It's been awful since I got here, it hasn't stopped raining, but I'm used to it.#

Have you been to other countries before Spain? 

Yes.  A lot of countries.  I’ve been to France and Cyprus a lot.  I’ve got 
family in Cyprus. #

Have you got any pets? 

Yes.  One dog called Derek.#

Where do you live? 

In a village near the city of Brighton.#

What are you going to be when you’re older? 

A footballer or a scientist.#

Do you play football for a team? 

Yes, I play for two teams, Barnham and Sussex County. I train three or four times a week and play 
matches on Saturdays and Sundays.#

What do you think of the Spanish Football League? 

It's one of the most exciting leagues in the world, it's very fast-paced and there are lots of goals. 
But the Premier League is the best in the world! I'm a Chelsea supporter and I think we might win 
the league this year...#

If you could choose to go on holiday to anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Apart from Oviedo, I'd love to go to Australia or New Zealand. My sister has been travelling in 
Asia and she told me Vietnam was amazing!#

Do you know what an 'horreo' is? 

No!  Is it anything to do with Oreo cookies??#


Learning from Mistakes 

Our Pre-Intermediate students would like to share their most common mistakes 
with you.  Once you know your weaknesses you can work on them and learn from 
your mistakes.  Can you find the mistakes in these sentences?#

Spot the 

Lía, Lucía, Mauro, Gonzalo, Sergio, Rodrigo and Marcos. 

The differences explained as in the YLE Movers Exam: 


1.   It’s summer in Taylor School 

2.   We flew the Friday from Paris. 

3.   I can’t to speak English. 

4.   We was arrived at the hotel at 10am. 

5.    We had to working a lot. 

6.    I go to living in a cabin in the forest. 

7.    Excuse me, I’m afraid I make a complaint. 

8.    It’s a place with a lot of cafés for have     


Answers on the back page

In picture A the girl has got red hair but in 

picture B she has got blonde hair. 

In picture A the boy is wearing a cap but in 

picture B he hasn’t got a cap. 

In picture A there isn’t a net but in picture 

B there’s a net. 

In picture A there is a bar but in 

picture B there isn’t a bar. 

In picture A there are stairs but in 

picture B there aren’t any stairs. 

In picture A there are two towels 

but in picture B there are three 



by ESO groups   

In the summer months you have more free time, so it's the perfect time to 
take up a new hobby!  Don't play football or watch Youtube videos all day!  
Try something new...and different. 

Here are our suggestions, first of all for people who are energetic: 


A really good idea is rug surfing. All 
you need are: an airbed, a rug and 
some waves. You put the rug on the 
airbed and take it in to the sea. 
People think that you are floating on 
the rug! If you want to impress your 
friends you can do a handstand. It 
looks like a magic trick. You should wear a wetsuit if the water is cold and you 
have to exit the beach at night, when no-one can see you. While you are on the 
'floating rug' your friend collects money from people on the beach. You could 
earn some money to buy a new rug for your parents. 


In Asturias there are lots of shopping centres where people go when it's 
raining, but going shopping is very boring so this new activity consists of doing 
parkour inside while your 
parents are doing some 
shopping. You can run up 
and down the escalators. You 
could also jump over the 
barrier next to the cash desk. 
In the car park you can do 
races with the trolleys. There 
is only one warning, be 
careful with the security man!