According to Dr. Michael  E. Salla and  many  other experts in the
field  of ET research, for almost 70  years  the US government has engaged  in an extensive
“official effort” of disinformation, intimidation and tampering with  evidence in  order  to
maintain a  non-disclosure policy  about extraterrestrial presence.

Writes  Dr.  Salla:  “Ever  since  I  began to publish the early  versions of  the  chapters    in  this
book in  January 2003 as  ‘Study  Papers’ on my website,

,  I  have

received    a  consistent  stream  of  supportive      letters  encouraging    my  research,  and
unsolicited    information    from  former  government,      military,  intelligence  employees
confirming many  of my hypotheses. This has  given  me  hope that eventually full disclosure
of the extrater- restrial presence on the planet will occur, since interest  is  high and so  much
information is now  in the public arena.”

Michael Salla presents an astounding and eye-brow raising alterative history  of  the past
100  years.  He  postulates    that  since  at  least  the  1930s  every  major  war  and  policy
decision has  been in response to an undisclosed extraterrestrial presence on Earth. He
traces  actual  events,  ranging  from  the  Nazi  develop-  ment  of  flying  saucers  to  the  recent
US invasion of  Iraq,  to this unworldly element within  government and societal issues.

Salla’s case could be  easily dismissed as fringe conspiracy theory except that it  is  well
supported by the  data,  answers many of  recent history’s most perplexing mysteries and,
with  each  passing  year,  is  gaining  credence  with  thinkers  all  around  the  globe.  Read  and
contemplate this  thesis today. Tomorrow, it may  be the news headlines.

—Jim  Marrs

Author of  Rule  by  Secrecy and Alien  Agenda

Historians will eventually learn a  host of  academics in  America  well  knew  there  was  an
extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet Earth  and  the human race, but  did  not  have
the  courage  to  speak  out  against  the  government      imposed    truth  embargo  or  risk  the
criticisms  from  uninformed    colleagues.    Dr.  Michael  Salla  is  not  one  of  them.  Lacking
neither the courage nor the

intellectual honesty to take  on  the most  important issue  in history,
he is helping to found an extraordinary field of study and policy—Exopolitics. This  new
way  of  thinking about the world  is the logical  and  inevitable extension of the citizen/science
process  underway  in  earnest    since  1947  to  confirm  and  understand      the extraterrestrial

For  six  decades  the  great  universities  of  a  free  nation  have,  as  regards    this  issue,
completely      abrogated  their  responsibility  to  seek    and    to  teach    the  truth,    however
inconvenient that truth might be  to the State. This  is  unacceptable and will be changed. In
due  course  there  will  be  various  departments      of  extraterrestrial        studies      in  every
university    and    college      i n America.  And  that  powerful  and  appropriate      circumstance
will owe much to Michael Salla.

—Stephen Bassett Executive Director of  the

Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political  Action  Committee


Political Implications of

The Extraterrestrial Presence

Michael E. Salla, PhD


This  book marks a personal transition where  I traveled from being a respected university
academic with a regular salary, professional status and  network of  scholarly  peers  in  the
field  of peace studies, to a  place firmly on  the outside of  the hallowed halls of academia. In
this  strange    territory,  my  new  research  interest  in  extraterrestrials        and    their    political
implications were  dismissed, my  peer  network vanished, and my  hope  for remuneration
for  my  research was  non-existent.

This  book  would  not  have  been  possible  were  it  not  for  the  encouragement        and

support of  a number of  individuals who believed in  the importance of  this  project, and
my  abilities to break new  ground in a  field  which  inspired little  scholarly  inter- est. These
individuals stood by  me as  I  fiercely  continued    my  efforts  to  research  and  write  in  this
new  field  while  my  personal  finances  dried  up,  and  I  found  myself  struggling    to
complete the final research and writing.

First I must thank Carol Adler, President of Dandelion Books,  who  at a  very  early

stage  when  just  a  few  online  articles  had  been  published    on  my  website,,

gave her  enthusiastic support for  a  book to be eventually published

from  these first efforts, that would deal with  the political impli- cations of extraterrestrial
presence not disclosed    by  national  governments.      She  gave  me  the  confidence    that  my
work  was suitable for  a  far  wider  audience    than  I  was  reaching    from  my  website,  and
inspired me  to continue my  efforts  to continue  the  research  and  writing.  Thank  you  very
much, Carol!

A number of individuals stand out  for  their  unwavering sup- port for  me  while  doing

the necessary research and writing  for this book, and in  their personal    encouragement    
despite    the  setbacks    I  was  experiencing.      First,  I’d  like  to  thank  my  good  friend,  Dr.
John  King,  who  has  been untiring  in  his  support  and  encouragement,        and  generously
provided    me  with  his  holiday  home  while  I  completed    chapter  three of  this  book.  Great
thanks  to  Janice  Smith,  who  was  a  steadfast    friend  in  her  unwavering  support    in  those
transitional periods when I needed  it  most.

Many thanks also  to Susan  Burton,  who  provided the warm  hos-
pitality  and research environment for  writing  chapters two  and four.  Great thanks also  to
Art Miller, who  also  opened his home and provided the  research environment so I could
complete  the  final  chapter  to  this  book  and  edit  the  entire  manuscript  for  submission  to
Dandelion  Books,  and  to  Navin  Kulshreshtha  for  being  the  catalyst  to  make  it  happen.
Finally,  I  am  grateful  to  Hugh  Matlock  who  also  opened  his  home    and  provided    the
research environment so that I could safely get  this book through the various stages of
the production process.

I  also    wish  to  thank  the  following  individuals  for  their  gen-  erous  financial  support

that  allowed me  to complete the research, writing and editing for this book: Janice Smith,
Frank Scott, Warren Bellis,  and Vonda  and  Fred  Janson.    I  also  thank  Jim  Grapek  for  his
financial  support just  when I  needed it.

Finally,  I  wish  to thank my  children, Sebastian and Kalinda, for  the  sacrifices they had

to  endure  as  I  pursued    a  field  of  study  that  may  have  sparked    the  fire  of  scholarly
passion, but drained the  financial resources so vital to  fulfilling  a child’s expectations of
a  “normal”  lifestyle  in  an  affluent  Western  society.  I  dedicate    this  book  to  them  and  the
world  we  bequeath them.


The  key  actors,  processes,    and  institutions  that  drive  politics  at  the  domestic    and
international levels  are directly related  to an extraterrestrial presence on our planet    that
has not been dis- closed to the general public  nor  to most elected public  officials since the

Evidence presented  in  this  book suggests that the  extra- terrestrial  presence goes  to

the  very  core  of  how  key  actors,  processes    and  institutions  operate  in  international
politics.  An  international    political  system  based  on  disinformation,    intimi-  dation  and
manipulation has  been constructed to hide  the truth about the  extraterrestrial presence
and to  maintain a non- disclosure policy  that has  existed for  nearly  70  years.

Key  ideas and evidence in  this book will be  disturbing for those who believe  that  the

main  actors,  processes    and  institu-  tions  that  influence  the  study  of  international    politics
have been thoroughly identified and  understood by  scholars, diplomats and policy  makers.
Any graduate student entering an  elite  American university to  study international relations
is  given  a  thorough  grounding      in  identifying    and  analyzing  the  respective      actors,
processes      and  institutions    in  international    politics  in  order    to  emerge  as  a  competent
practitioner of this  social  science.

It is these graduate students from  elite Master’s level  inter- national politics programs

at  US  universities  that  go  on  to  fill  the  various  state  department,      think  tank,  media,
congressional  and  non-profit  organizations    in  the  US  that  require  employees  to  have  a
firm understanding of  international politics.

As  a  former  Assistant  Professor  in  one  of  the  elite  graduate  programs    listed  in  the

Association of  Professional Schools of International Affairs, it was  my  professional duty
to assist  gradu-  ate  students      in  identifying    the  main  actors,    institutions    and  processes
responsible for international conflict.  My job  in partic- ular  was  to identify  and develop
appropriate    conflict  resolution strategies      so  that    scholars,    diplomats      and    other
interested parties could resolve these  conflicts to  achieve regional and global peace.

In  May, 2001, at  the  end  of  five  years of

employment in

the  School    of    Inter national      Service,    American    University,  Washington  DC,  I  left
thoroughly  discouraged    with  the  concep-  tual  tools,  theories    and  models    I  had
researched, taught and applied in my  academic    appointment.      I  began  to  explore alter-
native  theories    and  concepts    that  would  help  me  identify  the  core  factors  that  drive  and
perpetuate international conflict.

This  book contains the  result of my research, conducted without official  approval by

supervisors    in  my  new  academic  appointment      as  an  untenured  researcher    of
“Transformational Peace” in  the Center for  Global Peace, American University.  It reveals
the  core  actors,    institutions    and  processes      that  drive  international    conflict  and  are
directly  related  to  an  undisclosed  extraterrestrial      presence.      Understanding      this  ET
presence      is  essential  for  the  study  and  practice  of  international    politics,  and
establishment of  peace on  our  planet.

If  I  am  correct    in  my  analysis  of  the  evidence    supporting  such  an  extraterrestrial

presence, then it  is  clear that the  study  of  the  main  actors,  institutions  and  processes    that
make  up  the  discipline  of  international    politics,  are  wholly  inadequate.      Most  scholars,
diplomats    and  policy  makers  committed    to  the  study  of  international    politics  and  to  the
resolution of international conflict  are operating under premises that  are severely deficient.

This  has  made  a  bad  situation  worse,  since  it  means  that  not  only  are  the  general  

public and elected officials  denied knowl- edge about an extraterrestrial presence, but
also, scholars become complicit in  this  non-disclosure  effort.  Development    of  complex
theories    on  international    politics  that  are  based  on  deficient  assumptions    about  the  true
nature  of  what  drives  inter-  national  politics,  are  a  distraction  from  what  is  really

Anyone in the construction industry  knows  how  important it is to get  the foundations

right  for  a  structure to be durable and withstand unpredictable environmental forces.  Yet
in the arena of international politics, deficient foundations underlie the very fabric of  how
the  scholarly  community    and  informed    general  public  discuss,  understand      and  analyze
international politics. Consequently, inadequate policies are  developed that miss the
point of  what the  extraterrestrial presence tells us about the  nature  of  our  societies,  the
technologies we  use, and how

we  go about resolving conflict  among

ourselves and  with extra-
terrestrial races.

The  extraterrestrial    presence    that  has  long  been  denied    by  public  officials  “in  the

loop,” has  powerful political  implications at all levels  of  human society. More important,
such  a  presence  lies  at  the  core  of  international    and  domestic    conflict.  Yet  the  actors
primarily  responsible    for  dealing  with  international    poli-  tics  and  the  resolution    of
international    conflict  are  developing  policies  that  entirely  overlook  the  political
implications of  the extraterrestrial presence.

Conventional    policy  makers  do  not  address    the  core  roots  of  international    politics

and  conflict,  since  they    ignore  how  the  extraterrestrial    presence    influences  the  actors,
institutions and processes that drive  international politics.

The  research  conducted    for  this  book  is  an  effort  to analyze  what  I  believe    are  the

core  actors, institutions and processes that help understand the political implications of  the
extrater- restrial presence on our planet. I  have attempted  to  faithfully use the  strongest  
evidence available for determining the extent, scope and intentions of  this  presence.

Undoubtedly, there will be flaws  in  my  analysis  since this  is an  entirely new  field  of

politics, with  no  obvious precedents to follow,  tremendous difficulties in  gaining reliable
information,  and  few  supporters    in  the  academic    community  with  whom  to  discuss  and
compare this  type of  research.

If the central premise of  this  book is correct, which  the evi- dence suggests is the case,

then  non-disclosure  of  the extrater-  restrial    presence      would    have    as    its  corollary    an
extensive “official effort” of  disinformation, intimidation and  tampering  with  evidence,  
to  maintain a non-disclosure  policy that has existed for  almost 70  years.

Although I  cannot  vouch  for  the veracity  of  all  sources  used  in  this  book,  they  have

been  chosen    because    they  represent  the  best  available  evidence    of  an  extraterrestrial
presence on the planet.

Also,  even  if  I  have  been  disappointed      by  the  reaction  thus  far  from  academic

colleagues, academic administrators, scholarly

think  tanks,  the  mainstream    media  and

“political leaders”; but
the general public has  been very  supportive.

Ever  since  I  began  to  publish  the  early  versions  of  the  chap-  ters  in  this  book  in

January    2003  as  “Study    Papers”    on  my  website,,

 I  have

received    a  consis-  tent  stream  of  supportive    letters  encouraging    my  research,  and
unsolicited  information  from  former    government,    military,  intel-  ligence    employees  
confirming      many  of  my  hypotheses.      This  has    given  me  hope  that  eventually  full
disclosure  of  the extra- terrestrial presence on the  planet will occur, since interest  is high
and so  much information is now  in the public arena.

Indeed,    my  own  research    would  not  have  been  possible  were  it  not  for  the  heroic

efforts  of  former  military  and  intelli-  gence  officials  who  came    forward  to  give  public
testimony,  thereby      risking  severe  penalties      for  breaking      their    secrecy  oaths;  and  the
efforts of  individuals such as  Dr.  Steven  Greer,  Dr.  Richard  Boylan  and    others    to  make
these testimonies available to the general public.

Also significant  in  making  my  research  possible  has  been the  seminal  work  of  Budd

Hopkins,  Dr.  David  Jacobs,    and  Dr.  John  Mack,  in  analyzing      hundreds  of  individuals
experiencing      the  “abduction”      phenomenon.        This  work  has  provided      valuable
information on the  intentions, activities and communications relevant to the ET presence.

It  is  my  sincere  hope  that  this  book  contributes    to  the  effort  to  bring  about  full
government    disclosure,  once  individuals  begin  to  realize  the  enormity    of  the
consequences for inaction in responding to the extraterrestrial presence on this planet.
Although I don’t want  to overplay the element of  danger of  the public not responding, my
research    confirms  that  the  policy  consequences      of  the  general  public  not  taking  the
extraterres- trial  presence seriously are profound.

I  certainly  don’t  want  to  advocate    either  the  position  that  “extraterrestrials    mean  us

harm”  or  that  “they  are here solely  to  assist  us.”  Evidence  suggests    that  extraterrestrials
are  a  multi-  faceted  phenomenon      with  multiple  agendas,    activities  and  his-  tories    that
interact      with  global    humanity’s    own    subjective  experiences,    aspirations  and  belief