A Journey to New Heights

Spirit Team Package

This year, the BC MBA Games Spirit Package consists of information on the 



Fundraising Team Challenge

1-Minute Video

Mystery Competition 

Networking Event





NaNaimo | october 2016

General Information

Spirit Component Overview


Fundraising Team Challenge - prior to the BC MBA Games


Friday October 21st – 1-Minute Video (Opening Ceremony)


Saturday October 22nd – Mystery Competition


Sunday October 23rd –  Pecha Kucha & Networking Event


All teams participating in the competition and events are expected to show 

respect to their team members as well as other teams. Points may be deducted if 

a team is deemed acting in an unsportsmanlike way. Some of the sportsmanlike 

conducts include but not limited to:


 Fairness, ethics, and respect during competitions and events


Cleanliness and respect for venues (including hotel and other venues  





Positive, respectful attitude towards competitors, staff, volunteers,     


judges, referees, guest speakers and sponsors


Appropriate and professional behaviour throughout the BC MBA Games 




General Conduct

Although breakfast and lunch will be provided, teams are recommended to bring 

snacks to continually refuel themselves during the spirit competitions
Teams will be provided with an area to congregate during non-competition 

periods. The MBA Games Organizing Committee and the VIU Facility are not 

responsible for the loss or damage of items left in competition venues
Please keep all areas of the facility clean and free of litter at all times





NaNaimo | october 2016

Fundraising Team Challenge - prior to the BC MBA Games

Teams will be awarded spirit points for the dollar amount raised per team 

member. All funds raised prior to the event from the Team Challenge will be 

donated to Childhood Cancer Canada. 


The BC MBA Games is excited to announce the Community Partner for the 2016 


Childhood Cancer Canada (CCC). The Mann Cup will be awarded to the 

team that raises the most funds.

In 1987, when survival rates for childhood cancer were a fraction of what they 

are now, their name was Childhood Cancer Foundation Candlelighters Canada. 

Today Childhood Cancer Canada is the country’s leading foundation dedicated 

to funding national research while delivering critical education, community and 

connectivity programs to children with cancer and their families. Through their 

national network of care CCC has been able to reach those who need their help. 

CCC’s approach is national because no part of our country is exempt, and no child 

should be forgotten.

For more information, please visit the website at www.childhoodcancer.ca 

Follow @ChldhdCancerCan 

Facebook page www.facebook.com/ChildhoodCancerCanada

Fundraising Guidelines

A minimum contribution of $200 is required for fundraising from each team. 

All participants are required to register individually and as a team on the BC  

   MBA Games 2016 Childhood Cancer Canada fundraising page.


All funds raised must be submitted by Thursday, October 19th at midnight 

through Childhood Cancer Canada’s online system. Please refer to the BC MBA 

Games 2016 Fundraising Guide which provides an overview of how to create your 

fundraising account with Childhood Cancer Canada. 

Fundraising approaches and strategies are entirely up to the team; we’ve 

included some ‘Tips and Tricks’ in this document to help amplify your success. An 

overall fundraising plan must be submitted to Childhood Cancer Canada prior to 

the fundraising events and approval obtained before engaging in any fundraising 





NaNaimo | october 2016


Late submission may result in point deductions.


The Closing/Awards Ceremony will take place at Vancouver Island Conference 

Centre on October 23rd from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. Winners of the Spirit 

competition will be announced and handed the Mann Cup.

Fundraising Tips and Tricks 


Organize a St. Baldrick’s Event - St. Baldrick’s Foundation head-shaving events 

raise funds that benefit children fighting cancer in Canada. 

Seek Matching Donations - Donation matching is an effective way to both attract 

new donors, and increase the amount donated by current donors. For example, 

a team may reach out to a corporate sponsor or business contact to ask them to 

match all or a portion of their team’s donations to Childhood Cancer Canada. This 

is a great way for the corporate community to show support and allows your team 

to double your donation amount!

Princess Challenge (#sparkle4kids) - This is a new initiative taking by Childhood 

Cancer Canada on September 30th. The goal is to provide awareness about 

children living with cancer by encouraging as many students as possible to dress 

up as princesses to school.

Friday October 21st – 1-Minute Video (Opening Ceremony)

Each school is to create a 1-minute video of what ‘A Journey to New Heights’ 

means to them. The video is to be presented at the Opening Ceremony. The video 

presentations will be followed by a 1-minute opening remarks provided by the 

team captains.

Rules and Regulation

The video content is at the discretion of the team. It however must depict the 

theme of the event, ‘A Journey to New Heights’. 

First Name 


Donation Amount 

Last Name 

























































Please make all cheques payable to “Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation”   







          Charitable Registration #13189 7654 RR0001  

Mail completed pledge form and cheques to: Princess Challenge, C/O Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation    






 21 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 801 Toronto Ontario M4T 1L9 





NaNaimo | october 2016

The video would be judged on the ability to express the theme and the creativity 

presented by the video. 

This video is due 24 hours prior to the start of the BC MBA Games 2016. It should 

be submitted to the info@bcmbagames.ca by midnight on Thursday, October 19,  


Points will be deducted upon late submission. 

The videos will be shown at the Opening Ceremony on October 21, 2016 and the 

winner of this competition will be announced at the Closing Awards Ceremony. 

In this challenge teams can earn up to 50 points that will contribute to their 

overall score.

Points Allocation

Assessment Criteria

Maximum Points

Representation of the BC MBA Games theme:

“A Journey to New Heights” 

20 points


10 points

Production Quality

10 points


5 points

Overall Impact

5 points

Saturday October 22nd – Mystery C ompetition

A mystery competition will take place on Saturday, October 22nd, which will be 

attended by all participating MBA students as well as the Nanaimo community. 

We strongly encourage the students to attend this event, as full attendance will 

result in spirit team points.


Each participating team must report at the registration desk at the Malaspina 

Theatre by 8:45am on Saturday, October 22, 2016. Transportation will be provided 

between the Coast Bastion Hotel and  the VIU campus.

Rules and Regulation

6-10 members per team required to participate.
This event requires each participating team to have a minimum of two males  

 and two females to compete. More details to be revealed at the event.
Dress code: Sports Outfit, we encourage the participants to dress in school  






NaNaimo | october 2016

Hint: Communication and observation skills are key (Check the BC MBA Games 

2016 Facebook page for updates and hints on the Spirit Mystery competition)

Sunday October 22nd –  Pecha Kucha & Networking Event

At this event, major employers from BC will be in attendance. We strongly 

encourage students to attend this event, as full attendance will result in spirit 

team points.

Rules and Regulation

All team members required. If team members are absent at the event, this will  

result in point deductions.
Dress code: Business Formal
In this event teams can earn up to 25 points that will contribute to their overall  


Spirit Points Allocation

Team challenge

1st Place - 75 Points

2nd Place - 55 Points

Opening Ceremony

1st Place - 50 Points

  (Up to 50 points)

Networking - 25 Points

Mystery Competition

1st Place - 75 Points

2nd Place - 55 Points

3rd Place - 45 Points

C ontact

Omar Karim

Chairman, MBA Games Organizing Committee

omar.karim@viu.ca      +1 778 887 0260

Dominik Beckers


Vice Chairman, MBA Games Organizing Committee

dominik.beckers87@gmail.com      +1 250 816 8194