The Next Step for Modern 

Well Service

KCC Power System AS (KCC) is associated with engineering, manufacturing and services targeting 

demanding customers, particularly within the oil and gas industry. KCC is well reputed for the design and 

modifications of special lifting and handling equipment used in riser-less well operations. Furthermore, 

KCC has also made a strategic move into modern aquaculture and innovative environmentally friendly 

concepts. In addition, KCC is the Norwegian distributor of KAMAT, the German supplier of high quality 

pumps which are famous for their reliability, high quality materials and low maintenance costs.

MONSRIG -  New modular rig concept

Complementing KCC’s experience in 

designing and servicing offshore intervention 

and handling equipment for coil and wireline, 

the company decided two years ago to develop 

their own modular rig based on in-house 

operational and service experience. This 

rig is aimed to meet known requirements 

for effective and safe infill drilling, well 

intervention and abandonment plugging of a 

platform supported offshore wells. Since many 

of the existing host platforms are without 

applicable drilling derrick, the normal way of 

performing additional drilling and / or heavy 

well intervention has been to rely on the use of 

a full-scale J/U rig cantilevering their facility 

over the well bay of the platform. However, 

the use of such  J/U can sometimes be difficult 

because of unsafe and unconsolidated soil 

conditions under piles of cuttings, and/or 

much added subsurface piping and cabling 

preventing safe leg installation of spud canes 

and legs. Alternative use of rig less wireline and 

coil tubing facilities has been proven effective 

under certain conditions, but such application 

very much depends on the actual well 

configuration, and is often limited by the need 

for cementing and necessary lifting power. In 

addition, the need for reliable well control and 

ability to access severed deformed tubular by 

large eliminates the use of rig less application. 

Therefore, many operators maintain a policy 


of using J/U or 

modular  rigs  with           

well control 

capacity and 

sufficient pull 

for prudent 



simultaneous P&A with 

ongoing production.

The KCC’s modular rig 

concept named MONSRIG 

is planned to support both 

traditional and anticipated 

future well operations which 

very often requires a flexible 

facility with low weight 

combined with fast mobilization and 

removal times. It shall be a suitable, less 

expensive alternative to normal  bespoke 

J/U applications  when the need for 

accommodation is not critical. The installation 

of the rig requires installed skid rails in way 

of the well bay(s), and a majority of targeted 

platforms have such rails. MONSRIG is 

particularly designed also to accommodate 

non-standard rail spans. Challenges like 

limited lay down area, limited crane capacities 

and weight restrictions have been accounted 

for in the design, and the configuration of the 

rig can be tailor-made to meet both these space 

and weight limitations and at the same time be 

specified to meet specific well requirements.
The need for modularity

Limiting crane facilities on many of the host 

platforms are met by purposely designing each 

of the self-contained and lift able modules to 

be handled by standard platform cranes, many 

of which having max lifting capacity within 

the 10-15 MT range only. The patent applied 

self-erecting system for the derrick is essential 

to avoid topping lifts beyond the capacity of 

the platform cranes, and even more important 

from a HSE point of view is the elimination 

of any manual installation support during 

the erection, commissioning and normal 

operation. Termination and demobilization 

of the rig is likewise not dependent on 

direct personnel assistance in rider belt or 

scaffoldings maintained from drill floor level. 

The derrick can be configured for single or 

multi-joint operations. The latter is supported 

with 36 m fully erected derrick with added 

pipe setback. A basic single joint operation 

without setback facility can be carried out 

within a 24 m derrick frame. The setback 

capacity is planned for about 3500 m, 5- 5 ½ 

in. drill pipe. 

From the outlined basic configurations, 

the rig can be arranged in a comprehensive 

configuration with own supplied power 

generation and full standalone mud package.  

H/V pipe handling can be arranged with own 

pipe deck and storage.  

Electric motors constitute prime power 

applied for the rack and pinion traveling

MONSRIG full configuration.


The functional requirements and outlined 

design of the MONSRIG have been assessed 

and verified against relevant laws and 

directives valid for facilities operating in the 

UK and Norwegian waters. The fundamental 

requirements related to HSE issues are 

expressed in the EN directives which require a 

general risk based design approach in practical 

planning and construction. Such design 

philosophy has been applied to the preliminary 

concept and basic design of the rig. Technical 

and operational issues have been discussed 

and selected based both on the applied risk 

design methodology, and also supported by 

input from experienced operators and service 

providers. In addition, selected suppliers of 

suitable equipment have all been consulted in 

order to achieve a unit representing state of the 

art level for such installations.

The modularization is studied in details to 

facilitate a mobilization of self-containing 

modules which can be lifted, landed, assembled 

and secured without direct manual assistance. 

Estimated installation time depends on many 

parameters, but with normal interfacing and 

testing, the total time should be within three 

system, and in general, electric power is utilized 

in lieu of hydraulic drive for most of the 

handling, drilling and well control systems. The 

main reason for electrification is the premised 

interface with the integrated control systems. The 

design team expect a future with more and more 

automation and robotizing, leading to future 

autonomous control basis which will enhance 

the effectiveness and finally provide the remote 

and hands-free operation which current HSE 

regulations long have been aiming to achieve. 

Already the premised operation is in compliance 

with the recommended standards for safe remote 

pipe handling and cyber-based integrating 

drilling, circulation and well control. 
Capacity and weight

In its basic configuration with 1500 kW 

hoisting power and a lifting capacity of 350 

MT, MONSRIG is equipped for pipe handling, 

lifting, rotation and pumping.  Tanks, pumps and 

manifolds are sufficient for full circulation and 

well control in compliance with governing rules 

and recommended standards typically for infill 

and TTRD, drilling within capacity, various well 

interventions, and all P&A operations. The basic 

configuration premises utilizing existing platform 

pipe deck, with a simple interface to the existing 

bulk system and power supply from the platform. 

Complementary cementing system is assumed 

rigged on cantilevered platform. Designed mud 

system is based on a flow rate at 300 cum/hr 

with max working pressure 690 bars. The tare 

weight of the basic assembled rig configuration 

is less than 500 MT, excluding BOP, power pack, 

cementer and any bulk/liquid storage tanks. This 

low weight allows also alternative mobilization as 

single lift if such from heavy crane vessel should 

be available. 

A combined package weight for an operating rig 

with stacked piping, active mud system with fluid 

of 1,65 SG, cement unit and power generation, 

is estimated to about 1350 MT for about 3500 

m well operation and single joint run. The 

extra weight for a double joint run is about 100 

MT. The accurate weights will depend on final 

configuration, selected contingency and type of 


weeks from start. 

The core mechanism of double rack and 

pinion is qualified through known application 

of similar lifting devices, and the characteristic 

lightweight U-shaped portal configuration 

which is raised on the drill floor allows 

effective static load transfer through the 

structure. Further, by adapting the portal style 

the well center is accessible from wide angles 

on both sides. This wide area provides large 

working space for presenting and assembling 

tools, and provide ample space for receiving 

severed tubing and cables from abandoned 

Operation Ability

Technical capacities and performances are in 

line with expectations from NORSOK D-001 

with cyber-based remote/automatic operation 

control. The multi-purpose design solution 

is capable of drilling, work over and plug 

and abandonment operations.  The drilling 

capacity is mainly aimed for cased drilling 

with associated complex completions. The 350 

ton lifting capacity will be sufficient to provide 

any additional pull power which might be 

necessary in the case of heavily damaged 

tubing being stuck in the PBR. 

The rig can be working as a sole replacement 

unit for unavailable platform rig or 

cantilevered J/U; but more likely the operation 

will be planned with the MONSRIG working 

together with a wireline unit which by large 

can optimize the operational capacities of each 

installation. In assuming that contractor have 

available cross trained crew that can operate 

both the MONSRIG and any supplemented 

wireline skid, the operation is premised being 

run with a core team of 2 x 8 men plus team 

leader, based on 24 hour operation.

The MONSRIG is a highly flexible modular rig 

with low weight, fast mobilization and removal 

time. It is a profitable and safe alternative for 

effective infill drilling, well intervention and 

abandonment plugging of platform supported 

offshore wells. To conclude, MONSRIG is the 

next step for modern well service. •

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Design philosophy and goals.

MONSRIG Basic configuration