By participating in this league you and your players agree to abide by the playing rules and agree to these terms and conditions. 

The Team manager is responsible for paying the teams full match fee and any arrears each week. 


3.1  The Team Manager is responsible for ensuring that the team fulfils the full seasons fixtures, payment of match fees and any outstanding 

monies at the end of the season. Failure to pay the full amount of your event package may lead to legal proceeding being issued to recover 

the costs.

3.2  If your team do not turn up for a game or cancel a game, the Team Manager is responsible to cover the cost of the match (your teams 

fee plus your oppositions match fee) and your team will receive a 5 – 0 defeat. 

3.3  The entry fee must be paid on the first night of the league. 

3.4  We accept cash, cheques and online banking payments. Cheques to be made payable to Lancashire Junior Soccer Leagues. 


In all the following situations, the official and both teams must be aware of the starting score and relevant match fees before the game 


4.1  If a team are late but show up before half time = both teams must still pay in full and the late team must start a goal down for every 5 

minutes they are late. Playing time is reduced by the length of the time the kick o was delayed. 

4.2  If a team is late but show up at half time, the late team will have to pay 11⁄2 x match fee and start 3 – 0 down. The team that was on time 

only pays 1⁄2 match fee. 

4.3  If a team is late, but show up after half time, the late team has to pay for the full match fees for both teams and will receive a 5 – 0 de-

feat for the match. 

4.4  If a team does not show up a friendly game will be organised. The team that turned up and plays in the friendly have to pay half price. 


It is very difficult to change fixtures once the handbook has been done and we will need a minimum of 30 days notice in writing for us to 

consider any changes. Lancashire junior soccer leagues will rearrange any games cancelled due to weather, floodlight failure or anything 

beyond our control and these games will usually be played at the end of the season. 


Once the fixtures have been produced, as Team Manager you are responsible to fulfil all your fixtures for the season. You can only withdraw 

your team when a replacement team has been found. If your team drops out without being replaced the Teams Manager is liable for all 

match fees (your plus your opponents fee) for any fixtures you do not fill. 


Must be received by Lancashire junior soccer leagues in writing within 7 days of any incident. This can be done by post or email. We will 

thoroughly investigate any complaint we receive and reply with the outcome. 


Lancashire junior soccer leagues is not responsible for personal accidents. Players are not insured for injuries they may incur playing in the 

league. Teams or individuals are advised to provide their own insurance to cover personal injury. It is the team Managers responsibility to in-

form his players parents of this before they play. If you require more information about this please contact your local county F.A. or a sports 

insurance company. 


If a member of your team behaves in any way that may put our booking in jeopardy or could cause our booking to be cancelled by the venue 

e.g. smoking, swearing, urinating etc. then we reserve the right to remove the team from the league and the team manager will be responsi-

ble for all match fees (your fee + your oppositions fee) until we find a team to take your place. 


Your application form can be used for any new season as long as your contact details have not changed. If you do not want to enter a new 

season you must inform Lancashire junior soccer leagues of this in writing at least 7 days before the start date of the new season. Any appli-

cations received online and by email are legally binding. 


If a team enters part way through the season by taking another teams place, the new team will start on the same points as the team at the 

bottom of the league. Games played or missed by the old team cannot be replayed or re-arranged. 


In the event that a team drops out and you are due to play them we will arrange a friendly game for you. Your team are required to fulfil the 

fixture and pay half price and your team will automatically receive a 5 – 0 win for this game. You will still have an FA Referee as normal. If you 

do not fulfil this fixture you will be charged half a match fee. 

13. Any decisions made by Lancashire junior soccer leagues are fInal. 


Lancashire junior soccer leagues will provide the following: 

Pay for and organise the pitch

Pay for and organise referees and other staff required

Footballs and Bibs

General organisation and administration of the event for the season

You are purchasing the Event Package for the amount of games within the season.

For Example: 14 games @ £30 a game = £420. You are required to pay the relevant match fee each week to pay for your Package. 

In return the Team Manager agrees to:

Ensure you have a team to fulfil all your teams fixtures for the season (from the point of entry) Pay the relevant Entry Fee and weekly match 

fees for every game for the season. 


Lancashire Junior Soccer Leagues. Company Reg No. 10055853 

40 Queen St, Great Harwood, Blackburn, Lancs, BB6 7QQ