Vertigo really means dizziness. In medical terms this term naming the unpleasant state of 
disorientation for the location of our own body or the objects around us. 
Usually, distinguish objective and subjective vertigo. In the first case, the patient has the 
feeling that the surrounding objects are rotated, while in the second case he himself feels that 
his body spinning. 
This unpleasant condition can be provoked by the sudden change of body position. Usually 
obtained by abruptly turning the head suddenly getting out of bed. In this case, vertigo does 
not endanger your health. 
The reason for its manifestation can be and otitis media from which they suffer mostly 
Causes and symptoms of vertigo 
Dizziness is an unpleasant symptom that is able to bring chaos in everyday life, hampering the 
performance of routine activities. 
This discomfort associated with lack of stability, and often with loss of balance may cause 
fainting (loss of consciousness). 
Dizziness as a symptom is often conditioned by dehydration, seasickness, stress, excessive 
physical activity, hormonal changes and side effects of medication. 
Nightmarish sensation often occurs along with symptoms such as the false sensation of 
movement (you feel that your body and everything around you is moving), visual changes, 
headache and abnormalities in heart rate. 
Not uncommon for dizziness is responsible tinnitus, chest pain, weakness, nausea, vomiting. 
Certain exercises head and body help with vertigo. To master them successfully, you can 
contact a specialist in ear diseases. 
Deep breathing is one of the most successful techniques to control vertigo. The technique 
contributes to ensuring the flow of necessary dose of oxygen to the brain folds, which makes a 
relaxing effect on the nervous system and leads to the disappearance of vertigo. 
Place one hand on your abdomen and thumb (on the other) on one nostril and hold your 
mouth shut. 
Through the open nostril, inhale slowly, trying to take hold and as a larger amount of air in 
the stomach. 
Hold the inhaled air and close both nostrils and lips. After two seconds, exhale slowly, trying 
to drop the detainee in his belly breath. Repeat this procedure throughout ten consecutive 
Then stay silent and not move for about five minutes and breathe to avoid dizziness again. 
When feeling of dizziness and fatigue, try to swallow a glass of water. To avoid dehydration 
and subsequent her giddiness in check, swallow large doses of water during the day. 
Try herbal tea sweetened with a little honey, vegetable soups, and broths or vitamin juices, 
which also help to avoid the risk of dehydration. 
Dizziness symptom is likely to occur as a result of low blood sugar. Fasting hidden potential 
risk of dizziness. So starving and eating something whenever you feel that you began to dizzy. 
It is recommended as a first food to snack, which contains high amounts of carbohydrates or 
sugar like chocolate and banana. Each fruit containing water at high doses, do a perfect job. 

A bowl of milk (yogurt) with fruit added to it is just one of wonderful alternatives for a 
relaxing breakfast to help avoid all the unpleasant health consequences of starvation. Know 
that a handful of roasted nuts is also a wonderful alternative. 
Dizziness manifested because of anemia, the presence of low pressure and low blood sugar is 
overcome by eating foods containing high doses of iron, vitamin A, fiber and folic acid. 
Other causes of dizziness 
The reason for physiological dizziness can become a journey hunger. There's nothing 
embarrassing because the attack is short and goes away quickly, and after removal of stimulus 
is not repeated. 
For pathological dizziness talk when it is caused by a health problem. 
A characteristic of the attacks, in this case, is that they occur more frequently and are more 
Vertigo is a complex and varied phenomenon. It occurs in various types. When damage to the 
vestibular system the patient has the feeling that the objects revolve around it, or it about them 
that are approaching or moving away, there is a sense of frustration or flying upward lurch. In 
tumors of the cerebellum and of the vestibular-auditory nerve vertigo, it is most often in the 
form of dizziness, uncertainty. Darkening eyes, the occurrence of network fog and double 
vision can be a sign of neurosis, vascular disorders, and other diseases. It should not be taken 
for vertigo feeling of heaviness in the head, headaches and short-term disorientation. 
Vertigo is more common in women and it ages in transition such as puberty and menopause. 
Then came the sudden changes in the body - hormonal, vascular, which affect particularly 
sensitive and versatile linked to all organs vestibular system. Socio-bit, conflict situations are 
also a factor to induce vertigo. 
There is other vestibular dizziness occurring influenza, tonsillitis, nosebleeds. They are weak, 
head movements do not influence them and not to disturb the equilibrium. 
Dizziness can be moved for a short time, permanent - lasting months and years, and 
positional, ie occurring only at bedtime on your back while bending, straightening. 
Most important is the division of peripheral vertigo - in the defeat of the vestibular system in 
the inner ear, and central - in brain diseases. They have characteristics which are used to 
determine the site of injury. 
Typical dizziness in Meniere's disease, tumors and inflammatory diseases of the brain and 
inner ear, in head trauma, stroke, hypertension, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases. 
The reason for such a state can be and take certain medications - hormones, antidepressants, 
blood pressure pills. 
Noise in the ears 
Annoying tinnitus, which in medicine is known as tinnitus, is likely to be a sign of many 
diseases - atherosclerosis, gynecological diseases, heart problems. It is, therefore, important to 
his attention. 
In severe migraine attacks dizziness accompanied with this unpleasant symptom. Momentary 
relief is achieved with in-ear pads soaked in some alcohol and 4 parts olive oil quality. 
High and low blood 

The feeling that your world is spinning can be provoked by fluctuations in blood pressure - 
high or low blood pressure. 
Lowering blood pressure can cause a sudden our become black eyes. In such cases, we begin 
to sweat profusely and heart rate quickens. It is recommended that the consumption of liquids 
in large quantities. A few tablespoons of yogurt, dissolved in a glass of water and a pinch of 
salt, do wonders. 
But not only lower blood could be the cause of dizziness. In such an unpleasant condition 
often find themselves and hypertension. The initial stage of high blood pressure (pressure on 
the arteries) occurs with nausea, dizziness, nosebleeds. 
Anemia, known as anemia, is also one of the possible reasons often make you dizzy. The 
disease is associated with decreased levels of hemoglobin. This occurs usually after a large 
blood loss (birth, operations) and unbalanced diet and an unhealthy life. 
Hemoglobin "falls" an insufficient intake of vitamin B12 and iron. It is imperative in such 
cases to get them than through food and through special additives. 
Nausea and fatigue 
Anemia can also be a cause of dizziness. 
Simultaneous occurrence of nausea and dizziness may be caused by poisoning and 
intoxication with drugs, food, alcohol, severe infection or serious brain injury. You should not 
postpone examination by a specialist because every minute counts and your condition 
suddenly could sharply deteriorate. 
Prevention of this disease consists primarily in preventing the entire organism to maintain 
healthy and strong both physically and in mental and spiritual terms, and that means to lead a 
balanced life. 
Natural resources 
Another excellent way to deal with unpleasant vertigo is valued as an immunostimulant 
lemon. The medical value of vitamin content (priceless vitamin C) in citrus is expressed in 
helping the body to fight disease. Other valuable nutrients in the fruit make it a naturally 
energizing tool that refreshes and quickly removes stress. 
With two tablespoons of sugar, mix the juice of 1/2 lemon in water (two hundred milliliters). 
Swallow it to occur instantly relieved. 
Alternatively, the intake of fluid, prepared from lemon juice - spoon, pepper in powder form - 
a pinch and same amount of salt to a glass of water three times a day. 
Thanks contained natural sugars in honey extremely useful, it immediately increases energy 
levels and helps prevent dizziness. Moreover, it is possible to prevent the reduction in blood 
glucose levels - one of the most likely causes bouts of dizziness. 

Using a mixture of two tablespoons of each of these components - copper, unfiltered vinegar 
(apple) in a glass of water - hot or cold, is another home remedy with powerful action. Take it 
twice a day. 
Known for centuries as a medicine ginger is an excellent remedy for dealing with unpleasant 
dizziness, no less unpleasant nausea that often accompanies symptoms. The ancient root 
stimulates blood flow 
 to the head and other parts, helping to reduce the rate at which manifests dizziness. 
Chewing little piece root (necessarily fresh) ginger or sucking on candy helps overcome this 
unpleasant problem. 
Tea thereof, taken several times, will help to deal with vertigo.