2.4G Wireless RC Boat Manual

1. This model includes a 390 magnetic motor drive system Lithium-ion
    battery, for speeds of up to 25KM/H.
2. The boat and transmitter take advantage of advanced 2.4GHz 
    automatic code pairing technology to control the boat over long
3. RC boat specifications:
    Length: 424mm
    Width: 114mm
    Height: 119mm
4. Special anti-tilt function prevents tilting and keeps the boat sailing.
5. Water-cooled motor extends the life of the boat.
6. Built-in left and right navigation rudders enhancing sailing stability.
7. Low-voltage alarm function: when the battery runs low, the transmitter 
    will sound “Di, di, di”.  This warns that you have about 1 minute left,
    so you can sail it back for retrieval.
8. Transmitter detects when 2.4G signal becomes weak and flashes
    an out-of-range light.

RC boat exploded view

Battery installation of transmitter

Battery charge

Operation instructions

Battery installation for RC boat

Battery installation: Open the battery compartment of the transmitter by sliding the cover
open. Install 4 1.5 “AA” batteries into the battery compartment.  Make sure the “+” and 
“-“ ends of the batteries match the illustrations inside the battery compartment. Replace 
the cover and close the battery compartment.

Plug the large “USB” end of the charging cable into any USB charging port, such
as a USB port on a computer.  Connect the battery to the small end of the charging
cable so that it clicks into place.  The LED indicator on the charging cable will light
solid red to indicate the battery is charging.  The battery will take about 200 minutes
to fully charge, and then the LED will go off.  When finished charging, please unplug
the charging cable.

1. Turn the switch to the left or right,
and then remove the cabin cover to
reveal the battery compartment.

2. Clip the Lithium-ion battery into the
battery compartment with the battery
cable toward the front of the boat.

3. Connect the battery cable to the
power plug.  NOTICE: Lay the battery
cable against the side of the hull to
avoid damaging the cable.

4. (1) Replace the cabin cover and press
 the cover forward so that it engages with
 the hull.(2) Press the cover down so that 
 it seals against the hull.(3) Turn the switch 
to the forward position so that it holds down
the cabin cover.

Transmitter and RC boat code pairing




Power on the transmitter.  You should hear a “Di” sound and the power indicator will
light. Now put the boat (with battery installed) into the water. The boat will automatically
turn itself on, and you should hear a “Di, di, di” sound.  The power indicator on the
transmitter should be a solid light, which shows that code pairing between the boat and 
transmitter is successful and the boat is ready to operate.

For safety and security purposes, the boat will not operate until it is put into the water.
This helps prevent the propeller from harming people or hitting solid objects.
1.This product is suitable for people aged 14 years or more.  This product must always
   be used under adult supervision and guidance.
2.Please do not mix new and old batteries, or mix different types of batteries (e.g. 
  alkaline batteries with rechargeable batteries).
3.Do not attempt to charge the battery immediately after use, because the battery may
  get hot.  Please wait until the battery cools down.
4.To avoid injury, please make sure no persons or pets are swimming where the boat is
  operating.  Make sure there are no plants or debris in the water to avoid tying up or
  damaging the propeller.
5.The effective remote distance is up to 150 meters.  Please do not exceed this range,
  or the bot will be out of range and you will lose control.
6.When the battery runs low, the transmitter will sound a “Di, di, di” alarm, and the
  speed of the boat will slow down.  This indicates that the battery only has about 1
  more minute, so sail the boat back immediately for retrieval.
7.When the boat is not in use, please power of the transmitter and the boat.
8.When the boat is operating, please focus on safety first.  If the boat loses control,
   you must find a safe way to retrieve it.  Please do not attempt to retrieve the boat
   from the water unless you know it is absolutely safe.
9.When the sails too far away, an out-of-range light on the transmitter will flash to
   indicate that the signal is getting weak.  If the boat is too far from the transmitter, 
  the boat will become unstable and you will not be able to control it.  Please make 
  sure you control the boat so that it stays within the proper range.

Safety Warnings

1. To go forward: pull backward (squeeze) the throttle
    trigger on the transmitter.

2. To go backward (reverse): push forward on the
    throttle trigger.

3. To go left, turn the rudder wheel counter-clock wise (towards
    yourself).  Use the throttle trigger to go forward and left.

4. To go right, turn the rudder wheel clockwise (away from
   yourself).  Use the throttle trigger to go forward and right.

5. If the boat capsizes in the water, push the throttle trigger
    forward and then quickly pull it backward.  The boat will
   automatically right itself.

6. Let the boat sail straight ahead (release the rudder wheel). 
    If the boat still turns to the right, press the left rudder trim
    button until the boat sails straight.

7. Let the boat sail straight ahead (release the rudder wheel).
    If the boat still turns to the left, press the right rudder trim
    button until the boat sails straight.

8. Let the boat idle (release the throttle trigger). If the boat still
   moves forward, press the backwards trim button until the
   boat stops moving.

9. Let the boat idle (release the throttle trigger). If the boat
    still moves backward, press the forwards trim button until
    the boat stops moving.



Left rudder

Right rudder

Maintenance and repair

1. If the RC boat stops running and will not power on, you must 
    remove the battery.
2. Avoid exposing the surface of the boat to long exposes of sunlight, 
    to prevent damaging the boat’s surface.  Please clean and dry the
    surface of the boat each time after use.
3. If the RC boat is not used for a long period of time, please remove
    the battery to avoid possible damage to the boat from battery

Spare parts


























Please study the manual careful before operation, the manual pictures 

may be different from physical

, please take material object as the standard.

Cabin cover

Cabin cover switch

Steering rod

Water Senser




Stability keel





Support frame display

Forward trim

Backward trim

Power indicator

Left rudder trim

Right rudder trim

Power switch

Rudder Wheel

Throttle trigger

Battery compartment

Battery cover



: The battery cable should be layed by side of boat to avoid being 

                stucked or broken up.

1   2

capsize recovery

Left rudder trim

Left trim

Right trim

Right rudder trim

Backwards  trim

Backwards  trim

Forwards trim

Forwards trim

Servo unit

Propeller unit 


Screw holder 

Pipe unit

Rudder servo unit

Cabin cover set

Hull set

Navigation rudder


circuit board

Servo linkage rod

Support holder

Cooling tube

Li-Po battery

Stability keel