Used a miswak before each Salah

Prayed Fajr on time (and prayed the 2 Sunnah)

Completed at least one Salah in the masjid (men)

Made Dhikr after every Salah

Prayed 12 Rakaah of Sunnah throughout the day

Enjoined at least one good and forbade one evil

Read the Tafsir of at least one ayat

Read one new hadeeth

Listened to a lecture series on MP3 player/Youtube

Minimum - Read one page of Qur’an

Made one Muslim smile

Hugged and kissed my Parents

Did not argue or backbite anyone

Gave money for Charity - even if a small amount

Made Du’a for the Prophet (saw)

Made Istighfar and Tawbah (100 times)

Pondered 10 minutes about struggling for the Deen

Learnt one new fact about the Human Body

Reflected on Allah (swt)’s  creation

Thought about my own Death and the Day of Judgement

Send food or gift to my neighbour

Made my afternoon Dhikir

Prayed Taraweeh

Recited last 2 ayahs of Surah al-Baqarah

Went to sleep in Wudu’

Prayed at least 2 rakaah - Tahajjud

Made Du’a for the Muslim Ummah

Made Du’a for my Parents

Prayed Witr Salah

Used a miswak before each Salah

Recited Surah al-Kahf

Bathed, applied my best perfume(men) and oiled my hair

Sent much Salutations on the Prophet (saw)

Prayed 4 Rakaah Sunnah after Jummah Fard Salah

Sought to make Du’a in the last hour of Friday 


(before Maghrib)

Attended at least one study circle

Memorized at least 3 new ayat of the Qur’an (try daily)

Memorized one new du’a

Life as a Believer

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