Mainframe Performance Improvement with Cost Reduction!

Get a R4HA Peak Load Cost Reduction Analysis

Reduce Monthly Licensing Charge (MLC)

Critical Path Software Inc is the Company and TurboTune is our soft-

ware. CPSI is an IT consultancy delivering ROI and TCO cost reduc-

tions in the MLC and R4HA IBM Mainframe arena.  

Critical Path will perform a Mainframe Performance and Cost Reduc-

tion Audit to determine your current performance level and to pinpoint 

any cost reduction improvements.

The process is simple and non intrusive; gather statistical data on your 

Mainframe, (we will tell you exactly what to gather) assign a key code 

to the file, send it to the Cloud for analysis and get back cost saving 

improvements that will cut your Mainframe operational costs.

 Capability Statement





Tu r b o Tu n e   S u p p o r t s   A l l   M a i n f r a m e s 

•  Use TurboTune to save thousands of employee hours doing perfor-

mance tuning and speed development cycles

•  We have been in business since 1986.  We are now a Global Com-

pany with Clients and Partners World Wide. We are an IBM Busi-

ness Partner with hundreds of successful projects completed.

•  TurboTune® is a powerful, statistical software tool created by 

CPSI to analyze mainframe I/O subsystems.  This automated tool 

generates a series of reports, which describe in detail those data sets 

that are not optimized.  This lack of optimization often produces a 

dramatic slowdown in performance with an associated increase in 

operating costs. Systems software under the I/O subsystem um-

brella can include TSO, User Catalogs, MVS, IMS, DB2 bootstrap 

files and CICS, TMON, RMF, SMF, Omegamon, IDMS Drivers, 

ADABAS Drivers, Cache Controllers and all Buffering Tools. 

•  This tool is based on a “knowledge” database, which contains over 

5.5M system statistics gathered from hundreds of client systems 

over the past 30 years.

•  CPSI has been in business for 30 years.
•  We are an international Company with contacts / clients in Aus-

tralia, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Spain, Singapore, and licensing agree-

ments with 3 large banks located in Belgium, Denmark and the 


•  Some clients include: Humana Healthcare, Citibank, Wells Far-

go, Wachovia Bank, Vantiv,  Aetna, Chase Bank, GE, HIP, QVC, 

Prudential Insurance and some 90 others.

We   g u a r a n t e e   o u r  f i n d i n g s — n o   g a i n   n o   p a y !
•  WE SAVE MIPS! Our service always finds improvements that 

saves MIPS.

•  We save DASD! Lots of it. Terabytes of DASD!

•  We save CPU Cycles. Our analysis is 100% on target.


•  There is no RISK to any client. Our fee comes out of savings. 

•  Our CAPABILITY is superior to any other tuning company, 

package, consultant. 

•  TURBO is capable of analyzing any size data center in less than 

14 days. 

•  TURBO software is unique-it calculates % savings.

•  All of TURBO’s internal formulas are proprietary. 

•  TURBO will find things a client never realized was in their data 

center – good and bad.

•  Use our CICS Contention Analyzer to get rid of spiking **see our 

website for a more in depth explanation of the above chart

•  Use our JCL Analyzer for additional performance improvements 

– sometimes 15% more.

•  We are the only company that guarantees that after we leave you 

will be spending a lot less DP dollars than before we got there!

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   R410  Support: Program Evaluation/Review/Development

   R499  Support: Other

   D301  IT & Telecom- Facility Operation & Maintenance

    7010  Information Technology Equipment System Configuration

    7435  Office Information System Equipment

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