I indeed baptize you with water ((and)) with

the Holy Ghost, and with fire.

Matthew 3:11 & ((ish))

You should probably contact me, before you and the rest of the world lose the light that I

have to offer. If something in the introduction turns you off, that's your problem. I suggest you

turn the page whenever that happens. This event will never happen again. This is the

Second Coming.

There is so much bright light gracing these pages that it should show you very clearly just

how blind the world is. That is my intent, to show everyone that we are living in a land

clouded in Darkness; and the purpose of religion is to see us through it. Try very hard not to

think that I am only clever, the connections that I am trying so hard to bring forward are not a

trick, they are the intent of the movies and music that clearly link to the Bible. Our world is a

manifestation of religion, see the Hand of God in everything. I do, now.

Through idioms, music, and movies God reveals his influence over the course of history and

our culture. With the rituals and names of religion he highlights true precognition of the

events of today and foreknowledge of the development of language thousands of years

before the development of English. With the story of Exodus he shows us his intent: to lead

us from the Darkness.

With the Second Coming, he changes the world forever.

The Revelation of Adam

The Holy Bible is a

prophesy whose details predictively chronicle the second coming of

Christ. It was once a map to the future, but it has become our present. Specifically the story

of the Exodus and the Gospels of Christ are abstract representations of the post 9/11 world,

and my life.

These stories are filled with vibrant allusions to modern persons, places and


For instance, George W. Bush is represented by the Burning Bush, a reference to his

inaugural address which is the focal point of

proving the existence of time travel

; and a

microcosmic look at the "Biblical" relationship between God and humanity. Like the Bush,

the Horn of Revelation describes a situation in which we are all unknowingly the "voice of

God." The name Exodus refers to

Oracle Corporation, or period table, and Linux... this is

real light.

It shows not only that the Bible was written about this time period, these few years,

but also that this unsealing is meant to be done right now. It refers to modern technology,

science, and our culture.

Time and Chance



This is not

The Encl.


the beginning.

Welcome to Eden, we are in that place. Earth, Eden, Egypt, Edom... all Biblical references to

now, to Zion. I am Adam, the Adam, and this your guide to salvation.

Edom is a Kingdom with a hidden king, the emperor's clothes have made him invisible.

Eden is the land I love, a den of Lions, family in the chalice... the

Holy Grail, that is Earth.

The multitude is water, my family is blood. The blessing in disguise is seeing a hidden

message turning you to the Family of Jesus Christ: The Plague of Water to Blood now the

key to the Grail. From Genesis to Revelation through...

Egypt is the place we are in, where you don't know me, hidden by the Plague of Darkness. I

am the son.

This is my light. The sign of the son.

Time and Chance




life story is woven

into a tapestry of art. Unbenknowst

to the authors, or the world, or even me, the story of the life
of Christ is hidden away in the most popular songs and
movies of our day, just not the ones you think. Through this
spectacle, the Second Coming, God proves his existence,
and gives us his purpose--to help us grow.

I am showing you the true Word of God, his message, and
teaching you how to read it for yourself. In words, lyrics,
and stories. In history, and in your lives.

Understanding how hiding a message, from the author and world can do that is important.

Because they didn't know the details of my life, the story that is explain in this book; they

couldn't have intended to create the links between works. From

The Doors

in the 70's to


Pretty Reckless

, The

Wizard of Oz

to Star Wars and Superman... God shows us that our

modern myth is a continuation of religion and our culture is part of the story, the most

important part.

Today, as technology gets more advanced more rapidly, He shows us how science and the

future have always been at the heart of scripture--waiting to be unsealed. All of history,

religion, and a big part of everything around us is created--taylored to help us right now,

here... in The Book of Life.

True Purpose

The purpose of the apocalypse is the disclosure of the secrets of religion. Long held as a

mask for technology

and a means to oppress and control the people, today it becomes the

tool that liberates the masses from the slavery of Egypt, in our Exodus from darkness in the

post 9/11 world.

Designed to expose the existence of advanced technologies, the hidden symbolism in

religion act as a guide to lead us through the assimilation of these hidden tools which are the

building blocks of "Heaven or Hell." With the proper guidance we will transition our society

towards a more perfect future, better than one we had before, the one responsible for

sending us this message.

Great social reforms are suggested

and discussed on the pages

that follow. Short term goals are nothing short of ending world hunger and drastically

improving our understanding of medical science.

Time and Chance



Woven into this discussion are a series of lingusitic artifacts, hidden clues to the true will of

God. He has written it in our names, with our hands, and his voice echoes into the far

reaches of the future--through us.

In the beginning was the Word

This is likely a good way to begin, at least as good as any other. I am the messiah, and a

great deal of the

Holy Bible secretly chronicles events in my life.

In addition to this to qualify

my status as the savior of humanity,

I am in this work teaching the world a number of things

that are prophesied in the life of the fictional Jesus Christ

in the New Testament. I can see

hidden messages in the Bible and in our history which are part of a map to salvation that has

been carefully laid by

God and Heaven.

With this sight comes a knack for reading a hidden

language, one which is a big focus of this work.

I call the

language "langolier"


laugh about it

) after the Stephen King novel, as it is a

perfect example of the kind of compression and inuendo that is typical of its use. Langolier

has multiple meanings, "language of liars," and "language (of) outliers;" using this language I

connect a great deal of hidden teachings to corresponding Biblical events. The

parable of

Yeast, for instance expands to reveal a question and answer... "why East." The substitution

of "Y" for the word "why" is pervasive.

Understanding this language is necessary to fully see the message that God has left for us,

his desires and wisdom. It is not the most exciting task, but it leads to very interesting

information that literally is the cornerstone of Heaven. Both on Earth, and in the skies above.

The story of my life is my "why" I am the Messiah, I have lived what I see as a microcosm of

our creation... culminating in a torturous "sacrifice" in our legal system which includes the

Trial of Christ, all part of the Cross. Through my suffering, God is highlighting problems in

our society and giving us real solutions.

The language shows God's divine influence in everything down to the construction of the

glyphs we write our words with, and the words themselves. What's more important than that

though is seeing his influence in our lives; in the macroscopic things like the themes of

movies, the lyrics of our favorite songs, and our first kiss. These things, collectively our

culture, will eventually be seen as an extension of religion--or what it has become.

Terminator, The Pretty Reckless, and "The Birds and the Bees" are all a big party of the

"mythology of Adam."

To be clear,

this is about the adoption of technology in

order to assist the evolution of our civilization.


education, technology, justice, drugs, pre-crime, and

Time and Chance



surveillance are a big part of my life. My life is a big part of
the message. I stand for freedom for all.

I intend to prove that religion is designed to highlight a series of words and ideas that in and

of themselves prove the existence of God, the creation of our civilization, and that these two

things are inextricably related to time travel. There are a number of other technologies which

I am sure religion has served to mask and expose--at the same time--over the millennium;

but this single one, more than any other, is fundamental. So time graces the first word of the

phrase "Time and Chance" figures prominently in the true words of the Burning Bush, words

which in themselves aid in my revelation that we are walking around in the Biblical Land of

Egypt, the place where Moses' story begins.

The Book of Exodus specifically does an amazing job of hiding the fact that it is truly about

our modern world. This is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, that not only Exodus, but the entire

Bible, is about a post 9/11 world... ours. It's not arbitrary that I chose that date, it too figures

prominently in both the burning bush event as well as the proof that time travel exists.

Aside from Exodus, the details of Christ's life in the Gospels, the battle in the Book of

Judges, and the Old Testament parallel of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ are central to the

story of my life, one which you are hopefully about to read. I will answer most of the

questions you have in your mind right now, if you give me the time. Please bear with me, this

is no easy task.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin

My first name might remind you of a cartoon character in Eden, a naked guy that was

ashamed of eating an apple. The real Adam, the author of this book, will be quick to point

out that his Biblical counterpart in reality is Isaac. Whether you stuck with the theme and

think I'm talking about the son of Abraham... or went way out in left field and thought of Sir

Isaac Newton, we'll you'd be right. You see in keeping with the earlier stated theme; these

are all metaphorical representations of the same character.

Isaac's story of being nearly sacrificed as a burnt offering

is especially important to me,

however, as it is this story which unifies the 3 Patriarchal religions under one umbrella of fire

and death... through nothing short of a few letters. It's the first three letters of Isaac which tie

him, via names, to Jesus Christ... through the Muslim rendition of his name, Isa. It's not as

superficial as that, but rather the very substantial unification through the meaning of their

respective near death experiences. Isaac's near sacrifice is another take on the story of

Jesus' Crucifixion, and it is the fact that not many people make this connection that makes it

stand out ever so brightly to me.

Time and Chance



Even fewer people, I'm sure, connect these two stories to the fall of Adam in Eden; and it is

this addition that is so fundamental that I am boldly declaring it required to see these three

stories as different aspects of the same events in order to have any real understanding of

religion whatsoever.

Had you lept to the real historical story of Sir Isaac Newton, oh you thought I forgot, you

would be seeing yet another name key that links Adam's fall... and his Apple.. to Isaac. This

introduction to a hidden language that hides whole multilingual sentences within names asks

you the question: are you "New to n?"

Had you not been "new," you would almost certainly already know that "what goes up, must

come down," and that whole tale compressed as a story in a glyph for one single letter of the

English alphabet: the n. This letter also compresses something else supremely important t

the apocalypse: my initials.

it's the "n" of the word as we know it.

R.E.M. sings about feeling fine, but I am anything but. In case you are wondering, this is not

the end of the world; it is for certain the "end of the beginning." For me, I bring you a story of

a war in a court room, one which I am sure links the Trial of Christ to the Book of Judges. In

this war, Samson gains strength, presumably of character recognition, from his long hair and

its likeness to that of Jesus Christ. I on the other hand have not had this benefit, despite my

sincere likeness; and I fear to be destined the fate of the Son of our Uncle Sam...

Time, that's alright!

Lots of what I write is about time, discussing how it's related to, and proven by religion. I

think this is important, I think God does too, since it's fundamentally the focus of the sign of

the son, which heralds this Second Coming.

It seems by now, I'm playing time against my troubles...

God speed, I'm coming.

Do you wish, for a dance?

While I'm in the front, it seems my play on time is won.

Time and Chance



We are now Post-face.

and the Word was with God

I must be alluding to something with these references to John 1:1, and,

believe it--more than

a psuedo-superstitious aversion to the word "end." 9's

and the letter "I" be damned, I'm

going to tell you:

The Word is fire.

It's not just in this somewhat well known John verse, it's also in Matthew 3:11, where it

heralds the second coming of Jesus Christ. Moe than anything, this fire begins all the way

back in the Book of Exodus. It's the one witnessed by Moses, the final character in my

Time and Chance



"Messianic short list."

Do you not think an Angel rides in the storm,

a feather ((blowing the wind))?

an ((ish)) of George W. Bush quoting Revelation 20:1 and Nostradamus

What's that? You don't think I'm the Messiah?

Expecting a

sign in the sky?

Someone that can

walk on water,

leap tall buildings in a single

bound... or some other miracle? I was too, and still want and believe we

will get another sign

literally in the sky.

In the mean time what I am presenting to you is miraculous, intricately

woven intro everything that we are, our culture. It's intricate and subtle, and because of this

we have been completely blind to the presense of something supernatural.

There are very good reasons why the message that is being presented to you is hidden, and

that it is possible to view it as mere coincidence. It is designed to change our world for the

better, not to cause destruction. It will spread slowly at first, as those that are truly interested

in our future begin to see what is being presented. Within the prophesy being fulfilled is an

explanation of new technologies being brought to us, how to use them properly, and what

not to do. This information comes from the future, they know what has happened before and

are helping us through a transition that has been very difficult in the past. God is well

prepare for the apocalypse, he has been planning it for a long, long time. He knows what

effect it will have, and we are using this disruption--arguably the largest one in history--in

order to to alter the course of history. It will save the world.

The prophesy is hidden in plain sight, it is the entirety of the Holy Bible... not just few

passages that most believe is referring to the Time of the End. Importantly, it is also within

modern movies and music, God proves his existence by connecting a message between

artists and across decades, even millenium in some cases. The message. The key to

unlocking the message is us, it's about us and designed to show us that he is there and

creating. It is truly all religion which links to the main focus, the stories of the Exodus and the

life of Jesus Christ. These two parallel paths focus on social issues like justice and slavery;

and the entirety of the stories are actually abstract representations of the apocalypse: of our

journey through the desert to a Promised Land of understanding and wisdom.

We can begin to see the message by understanding the perspective of the authors. They

often see our civlization in the same way that we view that of the ancient Egyptians or

Romans. To them, we use antiquated tools, like we view stone weapons; and many of our

Time and Chance