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Ma3ers  For  Local  Business  

Neovora supports your efforts by adding technology know-how to your 
arsenal. With our innovative marketing strategies and tools, you can 
develop your unique, 100% laser focused and targeted campaigns that 
have meaning and add that personal touch that larger companies sorely 

We help you address your clients needs in a manner that makes your 
clients feel individualized – that you completely understand their needs 
and truly want to help them. By showing them that you care, you add 
extra value to your products and services and gain leverage in your battle 
against the faceless, price-cutting corporations. 

Where  To  Begin  With  Lead  


The first thing we will do with every client is analyze your current website 
and local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. All local business 
can benefit from a comprehensive lead generation campaign and in 
today’s environment, this begins with your website and SEO. Have you 
optimized correctly? How are you linking to gain Domain Authority using 
your social accounts? 

Are you using Schema Markup language on your website? Are you 
ranking for dozens of keywords? Have you managed to use “Parasite 
Sites” to rank on the first page of Google/Bing/Yahoo for your main 
keywords? There are many very inexpensive tactics that you can deploy 
that can literally have a dramatic affect in less than one weeks time. We’ll 
show you the way! 

It’s  All  About  Building  Lifelong  Clients  

Many businesses make the costly mistake of thinking that marketing efforts stop when a 
potential client turns into a paid client. And after pouring tons of money into marketing 
campaigns to acquire new clients, they find themselves baffled because there is no increase 
in revenue or, even worse, they lost money on the campaign. 

Singularly focused on acquiring new clients, many businesses overlook their most valuable 
asset, which is their current client base. They are not doing enough to derive the maximum 
lifetime value out of current clients, which can become a fatal mistake. 

Especially considering that, according to SCORE, on average “It costs about 5 times as 
much to attract a new client as it does to keep an existing one.”

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