2009 - 2014

Cultivating a happier and healthier community


Forward from Marissa 

Zoppellini (chair)

Our first five years

Our social impact

Health & wellbeing

Employment and training



Our wine

A sustainable future





I am so proud of the project at Forty Hall 

Vineyard and hope you will find our first 

social impact report informative.

Work at the vineyard can be quiet or accompanied 
by light-hearted chat and laughter. Sometimes 
deep conversations can take place allowing one 
to share a problem or take encouragement from 
another’s experience. Most of the time we work 
with people not knowing what problems they may 
have; the therapy is more subtle than volunteers 
being labelled and dealt with in a prescribed way.

For me, the vineyard is a metaphor for life. A long-
term project with hiccups and successes along 
the way. Standing at the field entrance looking 
at thousands of vines in need of attention can be 
overwhelming but gradually we make progress and 
move forward.

When grape production increases, we will have 
the financial security to continue to provide 
opportunities for people to connect with nature. In 
the meantime, we are grateful for past and future 
support in our journey to that point.

Thanks are given to our supporters in the report 
and I would particularly like to thank Sarah 
Vaughan-Roberts for her conception and inception 
of the project and for setting the tone of such a 
caring and respectful culture at the vineyard.

Foreword from Marissa Zoppellini (chair)


Our first 

five years


Forty Hall Vineyard (FHV) is an award 

winning, not-for-profit social enterprise 

and London’s only commercial-scale 

vineyard. Situated on 10 acres of beautiful 

organic green space at Forty Hall Farm in 

the diverse London Borough of Enfield, we 

are community-led and inclusive. 

We provide supported outdoor horticultural 
activities for local people, including many 
vulnerable adults and marginalised groups. Through 
involvement in our grape growing and wine making 
activities we help people improve their mental 
wellbeing, encourage personal development and 
develop skills for further training and employment. 
We aim to build a thriving social enterprise, 
strengthen the local community and enable all 
kinds of people to live happier, healthier lives.

Our vision is to help build a community 

where everyone has the opportunity to 

be happier and healthier. Our vehicle 

for achieving this is our community 

horticulture project and wine production.

We aim to be an award-winning wine producer and 
to become a market leader in the production of the 
highest-quality organic still and sparkling wines. 

We will use the surplus income from wine sales 
to provide ecotherapy (green therapy) for people 
with mild to moderate mental health support 
needs and to offer more opportunities for inclusive 
volunteering, learning and skills development.

Who we are

Our vision


Our story

Forty Hall Vineyard began in 2009 

with the first acre planted by over 100 

volunteers. The vineyard was founded by 

Sarah Vaughan-Roberts in partnership 

with Capel Manor College. The idea 

combined Sarah’s interest in horticulture 

and wine with her passionate desire to 

enable others to experience the social and 

therapeutic benefits of outdoor activity. 

Capel Manor College continues to provide 

the land, office space and professional 


In 2010, Forty Hall Vineyard constituted as a not-
for-profit limited company and were awarded start-
up funding under the Lottery’s Local Food Initiative. 
Our volunteer numbers grew steadily over time and 
we began a programme of volunteer training and 
support. Enlisting the best of the quality English 
wine community to guide and train us, our grape 
growing expertise rapidly developed. By 2013, we 
had established 10 acres of organically managed 

We had our first small but successful harvest 
in 2013. Our first vintage, Forty Hall Vineyard 
 2013, produced by award-winning organic 
winemaker Will Davenport, was launched to great 
acclaim in spring 2014 at the Real Wine Fair – a 
prestigious international wine event. A second small 
harvest in 2014 again produced beautifully ripe 
and disease-free grapes. Our second vintage, Forty 
Hall Vineyard Ortega-Bacchus 2014
 wine, will be 
released in spring 2015 and our first ever vintage of 
Forty Hall Vineyard London Sparkling Brut is due for 
release in the autumn of 2015.

“The people involved can be proud of 

themselves. It’s inspirational!” 

Bill Green, 
Slow Food London

“For a first vintage it has delicious 

mouth feel, good texture, a lovely 

floral note and a fresh finish!”

Doug Wregg, Les Caves de Pyrenes & Real 
Wine Fair Organiser


We provide volunteering opportunities 

and activities that have therapeutic 

benefits, build skills and confidence and 

provide a chance to socialise. 

Since 2010, 

over 140


volunteers have been 

registered with us and have worked in every aspect 
of project and business delivery, management 
and planning. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our 
organisation and we could not operate without 
them. We are particularly proud of our inclusive 
volunteering team, which includes volunteers with 
a range of additional emotional, social, learning and 
health needs.

Volunteer activities include:

•  planting, pruning, harvesting and maintaining

the vineyard

•  team leading and peer mentoring
•  fundraising and project delivery
•  planning social activities and organising events
•  staffing our stalls at wine and food events 
•  administration, press and publicity
•  serving on the Board

Our volunteers benefit from a high quality 
programme of volunteer training, including 
accredited courses, which enables them to develop 
their skills and capacity and to take on extra 
responsibilities including peer mentoring and 
leadership roles. 

Between 2011-2014 we delivered 

10 funded 

projects to over 300 beneficiaries.


Fine @ the Vine ecotherapy pilot project included 
work with individuals with depression, families at 
risk, Asian women experiencing mental distress and 
isolated adults with learning disabilities. 

Volunteer-led projects included:

•  Capital Bee bee-keeping project
•  Clay oven building project
•  ‘Walking for Health’ walking group 
•  Active At 60 artist-led willow weaving 


Many project beneficiaries have since become 
volunteers at the vineyard or other environmental 
projects, or have gone into training or employment. 

Our activities

“Fine @ the Vine engaged people with 

mental health problems in innovative 

activities, such as vineyard management 

and wildlife surveys. They were successful 

in supporting people from a diverse 

range of communities and a survey of 160 

participants showed that 7 /10 had built 

their social capacity.” 

Tony Li, Senior Project Officer at Mind


Awards and recognition

Investing in Volunteers UK Quality Standard 
achieved 2013

National Finalist Local Food National Recognition 
Awards 2013

RSA Trust Start Up Business of the Year 2011

Winner: Exceptional Contribution to the Local 
Community, Enfield in Bloom 2012, 2013 and 2014

Local Food Hero for volunteer Mark Mendes 2012


Highly Commended City Bridge Trust Growing 
Localities Awards 2013

RSA Trust Green Business of the Year Enterprise Enfield 

Environmental Management System BS8555 Standard 
achieved 2013, supported by Green Light North London

Finalist Mayor of London’s Team London Award 2013

“The year round tasks always bring new 

challenges which we solve by pulling 

together our huge skills base. To have 

our organic wine on the table is the best 

reward we could have.” 

Volunteer 2014

100 Hours Awards achieved by over 20 volunteers 
in both 2013 and 2014


2009-2014 in numbers


 registered volunteers 


 vulnerable adult volunteers (25%)

Over 16,000

 volunteer hours invested


: the cash value of volunteer 



 volunteer training places 


 training courses 


 social events


 community team events 

Links with 


 local groups


 corporate team events held


 of current volunteers have been with us 

for more than a year

* based on an average minimum wage of £6.20 / hour