Easy Brews Brewery Agreement 

Name of Brewery: ________________________________________________________ 
Contact Person Title: ______________________________________________________ 
Address: ________________________________________________________________ 
City: ____________________ State: ___________________ Zip: ___________________ 
Phone: _______________ Fax: ________________ Email: ________________________ 
I, ________________________, a representative for ____________________________ 

brewery, commit to being a Beer Sponsor for Easy Brews on June 4


, 2017. From event start 

time at 1pm to event closing time 6pm at Arapahoe County Fairgrounds in Aurora CO. 

● Easy Brews will allow 2 hours before of set-up time, and one hour of take-down after 

the event. (Easy Brews will let you know if any times change for any reason prior to 

Easy Brews is responsible for and will provide to the participating Brewer:

● Electrical access, tasting glasses, drinking water for all persons attending and working 

the festival, water for rinsing tasting glasses, armbands or other similar wearables that 
identify participants in the festival and assistance for setup and takedown, as well as 
bathroom facilities. 

● If the Festival permits people under 21 to attend or DD tickets are sold, the Promoter 

will identify them by a special armband or wearable to ensure that they are not 
illegally served beer 

● NHF tax ID number and legal name shall be provided to Brewer for tax purposes and 

verifying non-profit status. 

● Brewer shall receive working passes and guests of the Brewer may attend the festival 

at their own cost (since Easy Brews is a fundraiser). 

● Brewer will assist in promoting the Festival, and for purposes of the Festival agrees to 






license its logo to appear in advertising related to the Festival only. Advertising here 
applies to use of the logo and name of the Brewer on social media posts by NHF, 
RootedSpace and Easy Brews Beer Festival through social media, digital 
advertisements, radio, television, print media, signs, stickers, posters, and any other 
general medium generally understood to cover the promotion of the Festival. Brewer 
will not pay Easy Brews for advertising. 

● Promoter will control access to Festival and provide security as required by Location, 

local law, or state law. 

● All Brewers participating in the Festival will receive the same size display space, with 

the same access to Location features (Brewers may participate at a higher level of 
sponsorship for larger display space, signage, etc. Please see sponsorship package). 

Easy Brews will provide (if needed) at a cost to the participating Brewer:  

● Tables $10 
● Chairs $5 

I understand that as a Beer Sponsor, I am responsible for: 

● Brewer shall be responsible for transporting his equipment, merchandise, and sundries. 
● Brewer agrees to donate 1-4 varieties of beer to Easy Brews, including a jockey box 

and spit bucket. 

● Providing adequate staff to serve samples to the event attendees. 
● Setting up before the event and cleaning up after the event. 
● Providing a zero cost invoice to The NHF, showing that our beer is a donation to 

Colorado Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation. Please note that all alcohol 
must be delivered by a licensed distributor. 

This agreement is the whole agreement, and may not be modified in writing or orally by the 
parties, their agents, or assigns. 
This agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Colorado. Any disputes under this 
agreement shall be brought in the county where the Brewer's principal place of business is 
SIGNATURES, this the ___ day of ____________________, ____ (year).  
____________________________________    _________________________________ 




Please email this form and a high resolution file of your logo to a member of RootedSpace 

below. For any other questions and concerns about Easy Brews,  please contact a team 

member at: