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Information Pack

AVCon:  adelaide’s anime and videogames festival



1. Quick Facts


2. Team AVCon


3. Artist Alley


4. Artist Alley Times


5. Advertising


7. Appendix 1: Artist Alley Layout


8. Appendix 2: Contact Details



6. Terms and Conditions



Quick Facts


•  Attracts an average of 18,000 visitors 


•  Facebook Likes 19,396 (Jan 2017)

•  The Facebook post announcing the 

2017 festival date with new artwork 

reached 10,085 people in less than 12 


•  During the 2016 event the live walk 

through of Artists Alley and Exhibitors 

Hall generated over 1,000 views each

•  Our Exhibitors Hall showcases over 40 


•  Artist Alley has over 60 artists 

displaying their work & wares

•  Social media reaches an average of 

20,000 views combined on posts each 

week and up to 200,000 on individual 

posts if sponsored.

•  Facebook post engagement during the 

event (2016) reached over 93,000


AVCon brings the best of anime, video gaming and Japanese 

culture to Australia.

 The event has been held annually in July since 2002 

and is managed by a dedicated volunteer team through the not-for-profit 
organisation, Team AVCon Incorporated.

The AVCon festival is a weekend jam packed full of activities and attractions 
including independent video game developer demonstrations, cosplay 
competitions & parades, guests, panels, workshops, anime screenings and 
much more. Additionally AVCon has a large focus on providing traders and 
artists a thriving environment in which to display their works and wares.

AVCon attracts an audience from both metropolitan and regional South 
Australia, with an increasing number from interstate. In 2015 the festival 
reached an attendance of more than 18,000 in a single weekend, which 
continues the trend of annual growth in festival visitors.

about Team AVCon


AVCon will be held from 
21st - 23rd July 2017
at the Adelaide Convention Centre


artist alley


The Artist Alley is an area within the AVCon exhibiting floor where artists of all types can display and sell their 
work to the attendees. Artist Alley is designed to give both emerging and established artists a platform to sell their 
work and meet the public for an affordable price.  AVCon’s Artist Alley boasts over 70 tables in Foyer F, G & H of 
the Adelaide Convention Centre, with a picturesque view of the Torrens River. AVCon prides itself on the quality 
and community of its Artist Alley, and 2017 is no exception. 

The 2017 Artist Alley is open to any sole trader (or partnership) who create their own pieces of creative artwork, 
whether it be illustration, photography, sculpture of crafts. Traders or artists reselling commercially produced 
merchandise or work that is not their own are not permitted to trade in the Artist Alley. The Artist Alley Officer 
may request products be removed or deny any initial applications at their discretion. 

Artists are required to submit examples of their work prior to AVCon processing your application. These samples 
will be used to ensure the work is family friendly and if it is in line with AVCon’s core themes of anime, gaming and 
Japanese culture as first preference will be given to artists.

Artist Alley Packages Include:


1 x trestle table (approximately 1.8m wide x 0.75 deep) 


1 x pinup board (approximately 1.8m wide x 2.5m high)


2 x Exhibitor passes with first table purchased.

*Disclaimer: these sizes are a guide only and are subject to change.

A second pack can be purchased at a reduced rate. There is a maximum of two artist tables per application. The 
second table includes only one exhibitor pass and may be placed on a waiting list to allow for a variety of other 

One Table

Two Tables

$240  Inc. GST

$440 Inc. GST

Artists Alley Package

$30  Inc. GST

$60  Inc. GST


Extra Exhibitors Passes*

$50 each Inc. GST


Menu and prices will be provided in welcome 

pack upon bump-in

*Extra exhibitor passes are reserved for extra table staff only; AVCon reserves the right to deny the purchase of 
additional passes at its discretion.
** Lunch costs to be covered by artist on the day.


artist alley Times


Please note


the below times are a guide only. Actual times may vary and will be confirmed by the 

Exhibitor Coordinator prior to the event. For any unique needs, please contact the Artist Alley Officer.

Friday Bump-In: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Exclusively dedicated to set-up. No sale opportunities will be available Friday evening. These times are enforced, and no 
admittance to the Adelaide Convention Centre before the scheduled time is permitted. Forklift use must be pre-arranged with 
the Exhibitor Officer. Entry for bump-in will be through the loading docks, where an AVCon staff member will be stationed 
with welcome packs and passes, if you wish to bump in through the main doors then you will be able to do so via the North 
Terrace entry only. Information regarding booking the loading docks will be sent closer to the event. Truck parking will be 
available via booking only, to book please contact Agility (see page 10 for contact details).

Friday Test & Tag: By Appointment

It is a requirement of the Adelaide Convention Centre that all electrical items have a current/valid test tag. AVCon will provide 
a test and tag service for electronic items requiring tagging during Friday bump-in, bookings are required. To book please 
indicate the number of items that will require testing on the application form. All appointments will be confirmed by the Artist 
Alley Officer prior to the event. Items will be tested at the Artists expense at $5 per item, payable in advance. If your 
appointment is missed the charge will be $20 per item, payable on the day. Any items found in use without a valid testing tag 
will be subject to penalties.

Saturday & Sunday Trading Hours

Set up hours: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
General trading hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Entry for Artists will be through the North Terrace entry only.

Sunday Bump-Out: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

As with bump-in, these times are enforced. If exhibitors do not bump-out in time (or leave belongings on premises), they may 
be subject to extra charge passed on from the venue.  AVCon holds no responsibility for items remaining at the Adelaide 
Convention Centre after the bump-out time has expired. Bump out will be through the loading docks or North Terrace entry 
only. To book the docks please contact Angus from Agility Fairs & Events, contact details provided on page 10. 

Application for Artist Alley 2017

To apply for a 2017 Artist Alley table, please read the terms and conditions and complete the web-based application form found 
at the following address:

Note: this online application is a Google form, a Google account is not required.


Artist Application Process

Due Date

Application Open

13 February 2017

Applications Close (sample work included)

31 March 2017

Notification of application outcome

14 April 2017

Invoices issued

22 April 2017

50% deposit due

5 May 2017

Last day to withdraw without penatly

5 May 2017

Full payment of invoice due

2 June 2017

Bump in form issued

9 June 2017

Bump in form to be returned

23 June 2017

Artist Alley Dates

Please note that applications remain open until the 31st of March, however tables do fill fast. All applications 
received after the last available table sells will be placed on a waiting list.




To advertise in the 2017 show bag please indicate your preference on the application form and a member of our 
sponsorship team will contact you to discuss further.

AVCon offers advertising

 exposure at competitive prices. These are available exclusively to all our sponsors, 

exhibitors and supporters.

Show Bag

AVCon distributes a show bag to every audience member who enters the festival. Your business has the 
opportunity to create an item to insert in to the show bag, providing a physical piece of promotional material to 
every attendee of AVCon. 

The insert to the show bag by your business can be a physical item (stress ball, comic, pen etc.) or you may elect to 
have flyers printed by AVCon on your behalf. The following rates apply to the printing of flyers:
•  A5, colour, single sided, 115gsm, Gloss. $1,100 

Program Booklet

AVCon gives each attendee a high quality, full-colour Program Booklet. This booklet provides an outstanding 
opportunity to place your ad in front of over 20,000 visitors to the festival (and beyond).

The booklet contains a wealth of information for visitors to the AVCon festival. From full activity listings to 
detailed maps, the Program Booklet is a must-have for all festival-goers and will be kept as a souvenir to be read 
and reminisced over, long after the event finishes.

Advertising will be limited and will be on a first-come basis. The following rates apply to the 2017 program:
•  Half Page, $350
•  Full Page, $500

To advertise in the 2016 program please indicate your preference on the application form and a member of our 
design team will contact you to discuss further. Advertising requests must be submitted to design no later than 
June 4th 2017.



The AVCon auction is held prior to the closing ceremony on the Sunday night. Items donated by our sponsors, staff 
and exhibitors are auctioned. The businesses who donated the items are given a plug by the auctioneer. It is a great 
low cost way to achieve brand exposure.
If you have an item that you would like to donate to the auction, please indicate on the application form. 
Alternatively you may like to contact our events team via email at to discuss your options.




 Any reference to AVCon includes Team AVCon Incorporated and its representatives, officers, agents, associates, 

business entities, assignees, assignees affiliates, or other person or entity authorised to act on behalf of Team 
AVCon Incorporated. 


 Any reference to Exhibitor includes a person, partnership, trust, trustee, corporation or any other business 

entity on completion of the exhibitor application. Further, the said Exhibitor’s representatives, agents, employees, 
associates, business entities, assignees, assignees affiliates, or other person or entity authorised to act on behalf of 
the Exhibitor is bound by these Terms and Conditions. 


Any reference to Artist includes a person, partnership, trust, trustee, corporation or any other business 

entity on completion of the artist alley application. Further, the said Artist’s representatives, agents, employees, 
associates, business entities, assignees, assignees affiliates, or other person or entity authorised to act on behalf of 
the Artist is bound by these Terms and Conditions. 


Words importing or signifying the singular shall embrace the plural and words importing the masculine gender 

shall embrace the feminine or neuter gender and vice versa respectively. 


Words importing a person shall be deemed to include a corporate body and vice versa. 


By participating in the AVCon convention, the Exhibitor or Artist agrees to these Terms & Conditions. 


Team AVCon Incorporated reserves the right to enforce these Terms & Conditions. 


General Terms


Preference will be given to Artists with items/works pretraining to AVCon’s core themes of anime, gaming and 

Japanese culture over that of pop culture. 


Any measurements, specifications and images in this document are approximations and for illustration 

purposes only. Actual dimensions and layouts may differ.


All Exhibitors & Artists are to act in the interest of the convention and therefore take no action that will 

detract from or take attendees away from the venue.


Once an invoice has been created and sent to an Exhibitor or Artist these Terms and Conditions will become 

fully enforceable. 

terms and conditions




An Artist alley application is not considered as submitted until both the completed application form and three 

samples of the Artist’s work has been received. These samples will be used to ensure the work is family friendly 
and if it is in line with AVCon’s core themes mentioned above, Applications close on Friday 31st March 2017


Artist table bookings will not be made until a 50% deposit is received. Should an Artist withdraw their 

application after Friday 5th May 2017 when they have already been invoiced, that invoice will still remain due and 


Artist payment are to be received in full by close of business on Friday 2nd June 2017. All payments are to be 

by EFT into AVCon’s bank account as supplied with your invoice.


All Artist deposits are non-refundable.


Exhibitor applications close Friday 7th July 2017.


Exhibitors will be invoiced within seven days of the Exhibitors confirmation. Payment is to be received in full 

by close of business on Friday 14th July 2017. All payments are to be by:

a) Cheque – to be provided a minimum of three working days prior to the due date to allow clearance of 


     funds; or 


b) EFT into AVCon’s bank account as supplied with your invoice.


Artists and Exhibitors will be sent one reminder prior to their payment date and one overdue notice with an 

additional business week to pay, after which if payment is still not made a 10% late fee will incur.


Fees for Exhibitor’s booths do not include storage of items unless otherwise advised; storage can be organized 

either off or on site at an additional fee.


Booths will be allocated as negotiated between Team AVCon and the Exhibitor. Artist Alley tables will be 

allocated at the discretion of AVCon. 


Forklifts and/or palette jacks are available upon prior arrangement and must be confirmed prior to the 



Bump-in forms are required to be completed and submitted to AVCon prior to the event. Artist’s bump-

in forms should be returned by Friday 23rd June 2017 Exhibitors shall return the form within 14 days of being 


Neither AVCon, nor the Adelaide Convention Centre will accept responsibility for the safety or well- being of 

any display or product item delivered to the site. It is very important that all items are clearly marked with your 
company name and booth number(s). Neither AVCon nor the venue will take delivery of such items on behalf 
of an exhibitor, unless prior arrangements have been made as per the Adelaide Convention Centre’s terms and 
conditions. Please note that all goods/property must be removed from the premises Sunday evening as detailed by 
the bump-out times in this Pack or as dictated by AVCon.