What is "Commercial Electrician" ? 
What criteria must meet in order to be qualified as a commercial electrician? 
Whether you're an electrician servicing household repairs, commercial activities or industrial 
electrician, the base is the same. Anyone working in this field should have a good knowledge 
of how to work safely for themselves and for others. Most electrical accidents occur because 
people work on or near electrical medium that should be protected, but is not. Or know that 
the site run electricity, but those who are engaged in work have not undergone the necessary 
training to carry out this work or do not have the appropriate equipment and have taken the 
necessary measures required for safety. 
The same applies to the design of the installation. Without the necessary knowledge and 
understanding of electrical principles and standards, the system can be installed without cover 
the necessary standards and unsafe, thus may cause electric shock or fire at any time while the 
installation does not install correctly. 
What do you need to be a trained electrician? 
Overall electricians have technical knowledge, understanding of basic principles and circuits. 
If you possess the necessary knowledge, they can help you successfully implement business. 
Among other things, electricians must know and understand the basic standards and to 
periodically refresh their skills, according to new standards. 
All installation work, whether installing a new installation or repair of old light requires 
testing and certification so a qualified electrician should be able to perform these tests and to 
ensure a certified safety net. For this, you will need a degree. 
But let's talk about those who work and have years of experience but have not undergone the 
necessary training and therefore have no qualifications? According to regulations for safe 
handling of electricity all the work should be carried out by competent persons as a person 
who has enough technical knowledge relevant practical skills and experience of the nature of 
the work or the person under their supervision. Qualifications are not mentioned, so how can 
you assess this competency? How long have you worked as an electrician? The number of 
finished installations? None of these criteria can not adequately assess the competence of the 
worker and his qualifications, but the combination should indicate that the above criteria are 
A good commercial electrician should be able to perform the following services: 
1. Quick, emergency electrical services; 
2. Build and control of electrical installations with issuing protocols; 
3. Building, repair, maintenance and control of high-voltage electrical installations in 
residential, commercial and industrial sites - switchboards, power lines, switches, interior 
lighting, exterior lighting, stair lighting, photocells, timers and many others; 
4. Build and control lightning protection of residential, commercial and industrial sites; 
5. Repair of electrical equipment. 
6. Construction of current installations of residential and industrial buildings, preparation of 
the project. 

A good commercial electrician must comply with safety rules, which is in his favor. It should 
be guided by a sense of responsibility to be well received and trigger trust in the people who 
hired him.