Easy Brews Beer Festival Food Truck Application 

June 4, 2017 • Arapahoe County Fairgrounds & Event Center 

 Aurora, CO 


This event is a fundraiser for the National Hemophilia Foundation: Colorado Chapter. 

Participating food trucks must possess required license from the Tri-County 

Health Department. 

Please email completed application, a high-res logo and any additional 

questions to info@rootedspace.com



Vendor/Applicant Name 
Business Name ________________________________________________________ 
Mailing Address ________________________________________________________ 
State_____________________ Zip Code____________________ 
Phone (Day)__________________________________ 
Phone (Evening)______________________________ 
E-mail Address_____________________________ 
Type of Food 

​Expected 750 attendees throughout the course of the event. 


​: Food Truck Vendors will be charged a fee of 10% of gross sales which will be directly 

donated to the National Hemophilia Foundation: Colorado Chapter. $100 fee will be required at 
contract signing to be applied toward 10% gross sales/donation at the end of the event. 

​: Food Trucks are responsible for maintaining adequate staffing at all times during event 

hours (1:00pm - 6:00 pm).  





​: Food Trucks can begin set up at 11:00 am and must be set up by 1:00pm. 

Break down can begin at closing of the event (6:00 pm). 

All FOOD TRUCK VENDOR materials 

and GARBAGE must be removed from event site by 8:00 pm on Sunday June 4, 2017


**Food Trucks are responsible for leaving the area in the same condition as they found it. Trash 
cans will be available for food and material disposal. 

​Food Trucks must provide their own equipment. (i.e., generators, tables, chairs, 

etc). No electricity or running water is available, unless otherwise specified.  

​: All FOOD TRUCK VENDORS must obtain a license from the Tri-County 

Health Department before operating a temporary retail food establishment. This license 
must be provided in conjunction with this agreement.  

​: This agreement shall be governed by the laws, the health, 

sanitation, and fire regulations of the City of Aurora, County of Arapahoe, and State of 
Food Truck Vendor will: 

Each Food Truck Vendor will be charged a fee of 10% of gross sales which will be directly 
donated to the National Hemophilia Foundation: Colorado Chapter. Payment is due on 
the day of to designated Easy Brews Beer Festival representative at the end of the 

Vendor shall have the right to advertise. Said sales are to occur only within the area 
designated by the Easy Brews Staff for the Food Truck Vendor. The event has a 
zero-tolerance policy for the sale or display of product or advertising that displays 
and/or promotes any of the following: gang colors/symbols, drugs, drug paraphernalia, 
and illegal activities. Any vendor found to be in violation of these policies is subject to 
expulsion from the event without any refund.  

ALL food vendors must provide Product Liability Insurance for sale or distribution of any 
products (i.e. food, beverages, etc.) at the event. Each vendor must provide a certificate 
of insurance which provides for $1,000,000 Products Liability Insurance and must name 
Easy Brews Beer Festival as an Additional Insured. 

Each food truck vendor must have a license from the Tri-County  Health Department 
before operating a temporary retail food establishment. This license must be provided 
in conjunction with this agreement.  

Comply with all health and fire permits, where applicable, at own expense. 

Provide a quality food product and a food truck that is staffed by clean, professional and 
courteous personnel.  

Responsible for keeping food area attractive before, during and after the festival.  

Insure food truck has prices posted which will be visible to the public in signage that is 
professional in appearance and size. 

Vendor is responsible for supplying their own signage for their booth/area. 




Insure that food truck will be staffed and open the entire length of the festival (1pm - 

Vendor and their employees shall use every measure to protect festival site from all 
damages. Vendor shall be responsible for damage caused by him or her to buildings and 

Amplification equipment is NOT permitted.  


Vendors are prohibited from having animals within the confines of the event, except for 
legitimate service animals as authorized by State Statute and ADA standards. 

Vendors shall not sell, distribute, or in any way disseminate alcoholic beverages, unless 
otherwise agreed upon in writing. 

Absolutely no “Easy Brews Beer Festival” merchandise may be sold at the event unless 
otherwise agreed upon in writing.  

Vendor will remove all trash in immediate food area during setup and breakdown. Trash 
receptacles in food area cannot be used for discarding food, grease or other waste 
materials. Garbage dumpsters are provided for your use. No trash is allowed to be left in 
food area after breakdown. 

Set up begins at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday. Food items needs to be available by 1:00pm 
when event opens. 

Breakdown and removal of food truck must be completed by 8:00pm June 4, 2017. 

Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted by a RootedSpace team member to 
confirm your interest. If selected for the event, you will be notified within one working week. 
Thank you so much for your inquiry and your patience! Please be in touch if you have any 
questions, comments or feedback. 
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Date Signed 

Printed Vendor Name 
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